Board of Directors

Luigi Cabrini

Name: Luigi Cabrini
Organization: Global Sustainable Tourism Council
Position: Chair of the Board
Category: NGO
Region: Global
Status: Voting Member

Mr Luigi Cabrini, is the Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council and an Advisor to the Secretary-General of the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). Mr Cabrini has been the Director of the UNWTO Sustainable Tourism Programme from 2007 until 2013, focusing its activities on tourism and climate change, tourism and biodiversity, observatories for sustainable tourism, tourism in the green economy, tourism and heritage and global partnerships. From 2002 to 2007 he was UNWTO Regional Representative for Europe and Secretary of the UNWTO General Assembly and Executive Council. From 1982 to 2002 he was responsible of United Nations programmes for development and assistance and protection of refugees, including Representative's positions in Guatemala, Mexico, Somalia, Pakistan, Poland and Spain. Luigi Cabrini is fluent in Italian, English, French and Spanish and has basic knowledge of Russian and Polish. He is the author of various articles, speeches and papers.

Dr. Kelly S. Bricker

Kelly.jpg Name: Dr. Kelly S. Bricker
Organization: University of Utah
Position: Associate Professor, at the University of Utah in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism
Category: Academia
Region: North America
Status: Vice Chair of the Board and Voting Member

Dr. Kelly Bricker is currently Associate Professor at the University of Utah in Parks, Recreation, and Tourism. She also works part-time as a Senior Research Scientist – Recreation with HDR|DTA located in Sacramento, California. She completed her Ph.D. research with the Pennsylvania State University, where she specialized in sustainable tourism and natural resource management. She has special research and teaching interest in ecotourism, sense of place, natural resource management, and the environmental and social impacts of tourism. Kelly has conducted research on heritage tourism, social impacts of tourism, and natural resource-related tourism environments. She has presented papers on issues in ecotourism, sense of place, natural resource management, and incentive travel programs. She has published articles on sense of place, ecotourism certification and policy, and health and sustainable tourism relative to communities. With her husband Nathan, she developed an ecotourism operation called Rivers Fiji and serves as the Chair of TIES.

Chi Lo

chi lo.jpg

 Name: Chi Lo
 Organization: Pacific Asia Travel Association
 Position: Engagement Strategist - Corporate Social Responsibility   Specialist
 Category: Travel & Trade Association
 Region: East Asia & the Pacific
 Status: Voting Member

Chi Lo is the Engagement Strategist and Corporate Social Responsibility Specialist at PATA and is currently working on building the organization's sustainability strategy and CSR innitiatives. Over the past seven years Chi has gained experience in travel trade associations, environmental non-profits, and travel marketing organizations in Africa, Asia, and North America with the Uganda Community Tourism Association under the USAID-STAR project, the Women’s Media Centre of Cambodia, the National Tour Association, the Center for Responsible Travel, and the Africa Travel Association.

Chi was born in Hong Kong, grew up in Vancouver, Canada, and received a Bachelor of Arts in psychology from Boston University and a Master of Science, with distinction, in travel and tourism management from New York University. Additionally, she has studied, volunteered, worked, and traveled in over 40 countries. When she is not knocking off or adding items to her bucket list, she enjoys the outdoors, whether on land, or on water, as well as spending time with her family, friends, and animals. 

Charles Arden-Clarke


Name: Charles Arden-Clarke
Organization: United Nations Environment Programme
Position: Head of the Goods and Services Unit in the Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) Branch of DTIE
Category: UN Agency 
Region: Global 
Status: Voting Member

Charles Arden-Clarke began his professional career in 1984 with the Political Ecology Research Group. In 1990 he joined WWF International as a policy analyst, focusing on trade and environment foreign direct investment and environment, ISO standards, eco-labelling and agriculture. He led WWF’s international programme on Trade and Investment. In January 2000 he joined UNEP's Economics and Trade Branch in Geneva, with responsibilities for trade and environment matters. In April 2004 he moved to UNEP’s Division on Technology, Industry and Economics (DTIE) in Paris, to work on trade, economics, poverty alleviation, global public goods and agriculture, and liaison with governments and other key partners. Since January 2007 he has been Head of the Goods and Services Unit in the Sustainable Consumption and Production (SCP) Branch of DTIE. This unit is developing a global10 year framework of programmes on SCP, promoting SCP in the tourism and food & agriculture sectors, delivering education and awareness-raising for SCP and designing and supporting implementation of SCP policies that contribute to poverty alleviation. He has BA (Hons.) in Zoology from Oxford University, in the UK, and an MSc in Zoology from Pretoria University, South Africa.

Dirk Glaesser

Dirk Glaesser

    Name:  Dirk Glaesser
    Organization: UNWTO
    Position: Director of Sustainable Development
    Region: Global
    Status: Voting Member

Dirk Glaesser is Director for Sustainable Development of Tourism Department at the World Tourism Organization (UNWTO). The department deals with the different challenges and opportunities of tourism development, among them environment and planning, investment and finance, risk and crisis management. He supervises the Consulting Unit on Biodiversity and Tourism of the Organization based in Bonn, Germany.

Dr. Glaesser obtained his Ph.D. from the University of Lüneburg, Germany and won the ITB scientific award for his work on Crisis Management. He is the author of a number of publications which have been widely translated. Dr. Glaesser is married and has two children.


Jane Ashton

Name: Jane Ashton
Organization: TUI Travel
Position: Director of Group Sustainable Development
Category: Industry
Region: Global
Status: Voting Member
Jane Ashton was promoted to Director of Group Sustainable Development in March 2011. In this role Ashton heads up the development of policy and strategies to steer TUI Travel PLC towards becoming a more sustainable business. She also works with NGOs, industry peers, government and international bodies to help develop strategies for sustainable tourism. Since 2001 she has pioneered sustainable tourism, first at First Choice Holidays, with her remit broadening early in 2008 to become Head of Sustainable Development, TUI Travel PLC. Jane has a degree from Bristol University, and a Post-Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Business from Cambridge University Program for Industry.


Gwen Migita

     Name: Gwen Migita
     Organization: Caesars Entertainment
     Position: Vice President Sustainability & Community Affairs
     Category: Travel & Tourism Industry
     Region: Americas
     Status: Voting Member

As the lead executive for Sustainability at Caesars Entertainment, Gwen Migita drives the development of Caesars industry leading and award winning sustainability strategy; CodeGreen. She directs an enterprise wide CodeGreen Steering Committee and serves as the corporate leader of thirty property CodeGreen Teams. Gwen also manages external relationships and stakeholder strategies for Caesars environmental and social sustainability programs. In her capacity as Community Affairs leader, Gwen directs corporate charitable giving, community relations, and HERO employee volunteer policies for the organization’s 70,000 employees at 56 domestic and international resorts. Gwen sits on National Park Trust’s Leadership Council, UN Foundation’s Global Sustainable Tourism Council Market Access Working Group, and is a Board of Governor for the Human Rights Campaign. She is also a founder and President of Green Chips, an innovative public-private non-profit in Southern Nevada which drives long‐term social, economic and environmental goals and outreach for the region. Gwen is an Executive MBA graduate of University of Nevada Las Vegas and received her BA from the University of Washington with a concentration in marketing. Gwen also studied business at the University of Portland, and then abroad in Salzburg, Austria, where she focused on political science and philosophy.

Herbert Hamele

Name: Herbert Hamele
Organization: ECOTRANS
Position: Founder and President
Category: NGO
Region: Europe 
Status: Voting Member

Herbert Hamele has been working 25 years in the field of sustainable tourism development in Europe. In the 80’s he carried out studies and model projects related to e.g. youth travel or German consumers’ demand for environmentally friendly tourism. In 1993 he founded and since then chairs the European network for sustainable tourism development ECOTRANS. His knowledge and expertise is on the development, monitoring, research, networking and dissemination of voluntary initiatives, tools and best practice examples for environmentally friendly, socially compatible and economically sound tourism, with a focus on about 100 eco-labels, awards and self committed initiatives worldwide. He is lead administrator of the DestiNet portal for sustainable tourism information, hosted by the European Environment Agency EEA in partnership with UNWTO, UNEP and ECOTRANS. He represents ECOTRANS in the International Task Force on Sustainable Tourism Development.

Guy Chester

    Name: Guy Chester
     Organization: EcoSustainAbility
    Position: Director
    Category: Supporting Business
    Region: East Asia and the Pacific
    Status: Voting Member

EcoSustainAbility’s founder and director, Guy Chester has been involved in sustainable tourism and ecotourism for over twenty five years. Guy was the founding Vice President of Australia’s Ecotourism Association and a co-author of the Ecotourism accreditation program. Guy has worked extensively with sustainable tourism certification programs in providing standards development, administrative policy and procedures, training and auditing.  Guy has developed highly regarded tourism strategies for Australian icon tourism regions including the Daintree, Port Douglas the Flinders Ranges and the South Australian Outback. He has also undertaken sustainable tourism and ecotourism projects for the World Tourism Organization and the Peoples Republic of China. Guy was the Team Leader for the development of the Fiji Tourism Development Plan 2007-2016. Guy has recently completed nine regional tourism development and tourism product development strategies for the Papua New Guinea government. Guy has was the chair of the Accreditation Committee and has recently served as a member of the Standards Committee and a strong advocate for the GSTC’s establishment. Guy is well known internationally as an expert in best practice sustainable  development, in particular in ecotourism and infrastructure development in natural areas.

Leilani Latimer

Name: Leilani Latimer
Organization: Sabre Holdings
Position: Director, Sustainability Initiatives
Category: Industry
Region: Global 
Status: Voting Member

Leilani C. Latimer is an innovative sustainability professional with proven expertise in global strategy, marketing and business transformation. Ms Latimer leads Global Sustainability Initiatives for Sabre Holdings, the world’s leading provider of high-performance travel solutions. She develops and directs the company’s strategy and initiatives in collaboration with business leaders across the corporation; Sabre Travel Network, Sabre Airline Solutions, Sabre Hospitality Solutions and Travelocity. Her duties extend from delineating the company’s strategic direction, to developing a platform for industry advocacy, product and service innovation and corporate stewardship. Ms. Latimer is a graduate in Sustainable Management at the Presidio Graduate School in San Francisco where she works and resides. She co-chairs the CSR Committee for the National Business Travel Association, is on the Advisory Board of NoHold Inc. and is an active member of the Silicon Valley Italian Executive Council. She is fluent in Italian, and holds both US and EE citizenship.

Mauro Marrocu


Name: Mauro Marrocu
Organization: Global Sustainable Tourism Council
Position: Former CEO
Status: Voting Member

Mauro Marrocu is the former CEO of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. He has a diversified background as CEO, President and COO at various companies in the transportation, travel, and tourism industry, has a vast international experience in the emerging countries (most notably Brazil, but also South Africa and India) and in the European countries, and is multilingual (he is fluent in Italian, English, Portuguese, Spanish, and has a basic knowledge of French).

In particular, Mauro was General Manager of Alitalia Airlines in South Africa and South Brazil, Alitalia's Senior Vice President and Head of Hub at Rome Fiumicino Airport, and President and Chief Operating Officer of the Garda Airports (Verona and Brescia) in Italy. He was also Chief Operating Officer of Chiari Sommariva Tour Operator, Chief Executive Officer of Italiatour Tour Operator, and General Manager South Europe of Sabre Travel Network. Most recently, he led an independent management consulting business in Brazil. Mauro holds a Laurea (Doctor's degree) in Political Science, and has completed postgraduate courses in Marketing, Finance and Control in Italy and Switzerland.

Heidi van der Watt


  Name: Heidi van der Watt
  Organization: ICRT South Africa
  Position: Director - EDGE Tourism Solutions
  Category: NGO
  Region: Africa
  Status: Voting  Member

Heidi van der Watt graduated with a Masters in Town and Regional Planning from the University of Stellenbosch and started off working for South African Tourism (national tourism organization), establishing a new division focusing on destination planning and development.  She has been a notable contributor to policy and strategic developments related to sustainable tourism in South Africa for the last decade. Most recently, she assisted the National Department of Tourism (NDT) to draft South Africa’s national standard for Responsible Tourism, adopted through the South African Bureau of Standards (SABS) as a South African National Standard (SANS 116:2010) in 2010. She was instrumental in the development of an associated accreditation for conformity assessment bodies, currently being rolled out by the South African National Accreditation System (SANAS), on behalf of NDT. She also assisted the NDT with the drafting of a National Strategy for Responsible Tourism for South Africa in 2012. Ms. van der Watt has specialist knowledge of all aspects of destination development and management, including tourism sector strategy, market assessment and marketing, product development, spatial planning, institutional development, training and skills development and monitoring and evaluation.

Cathy Parsons


    Name: Cathy Parsons
    Organization: Global Sustainable Tourism Council
    Position: Accreditation Panel Chair
    Status: Non-Voting Member 
Cathy is currently a consultant on urban planning issues in Australia and has been chair of the Accreditation Panel since October 2010. She has been actively involved in the evolution to the present day of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council. From 2001 to 2006, Cathy was the Executive Director and then CEO of the worldwide tourism certification program, Green Globe. She was responsible for all aspects of delivering the program to tourism operations in over 50 countries with the objective of achieving a more sustainable tourism industry. During her time in the mid-90s as a senior executive with the Australian Government’s Department of Tourism, she managed the government’s environmental tourism programs. She assisted industry to develop the world’s first ecotourism certification program as well as several other tourism certification programs for different industry sectors.

Jennifer Seif

    Name: Jennifer Seif
    Organization: Fair Trade in Tourism, South Africa
    Position: Executive Director
    Category: Certification Representative
    Region: Africa
    Status: Non-Voting Observer

Jennifer Seif is a nationally and internationally recognized Fair Trade advocate and sustainable tourism expert who has led Fair Trade in Tourism South Africa (FTTSA) since its inception as a non profit organization in July 2001.  She holds a number of academic qualifications in economics (Georgetown), history (Boston University), social anthropology (University of Chicago) and business administration (University of South Africa).  Prior to embarking on her career in tourism development, Jennifer worked in academia in South Africa and the USA. She still lectures occasionally on responsible tourism and is the architect of various training programs on sustainable tourism. She serves on various boards on behalf of FTTSA and in her personal capacity including the Tourism Business Council of South Africa (TBCSA), Fair Trade Label South Africa (FLSA) and the international Tourism Child-Protection Code of Conduct. She is also an elected member of the Steering Committee of the Global Partnership for Sustainable Tourism, a multi-stakeholder initiative facilitated by the United Nations Environment Program. In 2001 and again in 2003 Jennifer was recognized by the Ashoka Citizens Base Initiative, for excellence in non-profit resource mobilization.

Herve Houdre

Name: Herve Houdre
Organization: InterContinental New York Barclay
Position: Regional Director of Operations & General Manager of the InterContinental New York Barclay
Category: Industry
Region: North America
Status: Voting Member

One of Europe and America’s most respected hoteliers, Hervé Houdré became Regional Director of Operations & General Manager of the InterContinental New York Barclay in October 2009, and was GM of the Willard InterContinental since 2004. Previously, Houdré managed the Hôtel de Crillon and Hôtel Plaza Athénée in Paris and was Chief Operating Officer, Kempinski Hotels and Resorts. Houdré serves on the NY Hotel Association Board of Directors and NYC & Company. A leader in Sustainable Hospitality, Houdré published Sustainable Hospitality©, a white paper utilized by Cornell University’s Center for Hospitality Research. He is an SD columnist for, and was named "2006 Independent Hotelier of the World" by HOTELS magazine. Houdré’s efforts have been highlighted in a broad array of media in the US and abroad. His leadership achieved the 2009 Condé Nast Traveler World Saver Award, 2009 DC Mayor’s Award for Environmental Excellence and DC Chamber of Commerce 2009 Business of the Year, among others.

Shannon Stowell

Name: Shannon Stowell
Organization: Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA)
Position: President
Category: Association
Region: North America
Status: Voting Member

Shannon Stowell is president of the Adventure Travel Trade Association (ATTA), His education and early profession were spent in environmental chemistry and biology including working for NOAA in Alaska, then8 years with an environmental firm. He co-founded, a successful outdoor and adventure travel gear retailer selling brands such as The North Face, Patagonia, Eagle Creek. He directed the company’s business development, affiliate marketing and non-profit relations for 6 years. In 2004, Shannon revitalized the ATTA which has held six Adventure Travel World Summits in Europe and the Americas since and has been a global hub for adventure travel professionals. The ATTA also publishes Adventure Travel News TM and operates an online community for the sector. Shannon served four years on the Board of the American Hiking Society and has worked with his city’s local food bank, council and library over the years. Shannon co-authored a book in 2008 published by National Geographic: Riding the Hula-hula to the Arctic Ocean- A guide to 50 Extraordinary Adventures. He has studied Mandarin Chinese and travels the globe extensively speaking on adventure travel and ecotourism. EDUCATION: B.S. Biology, Seattle Pacific University 1990; CERTIFICATION: Fisheries Observer, National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA).

Huang Linmu

photo of Huang Linmu for GSTC website Name: Huang Linmu
Organization: Mt. Huangshan Scenic Area Administrative Committee (HSAC)
Position: Director
Category: Public Authority
Region: East Asia and the Pacific 
Status: Voting Member

Huang Linmu serves as the Director of the Mount Huangshan Administrative Committee (HSAC), President of the Huangshan Tourism Development Group, and Chairman of the Board of the Huangshan Tourism Development Company, Ltd. In addition to these high leadership roles at the popular and important World Heritage site of Mount Huangshan, he is Vice-Chair of the China Landscape and Historic Sites Association, Vice-Chair of the China Tourist Attractions Association, Standing Director of the China Tourism Association (CTA), and a founding member of Sustainable Travel International’s Sustainable Destination Leadership Network. Prior to these important leadership roles in tourism, and he had served as the Deputy Mayor of Huangshan for 7 years. He applied his university training as a mechanical and electrical engineering to management and executive positions in an impressive array of sectors.

Randy Durband

 randy at gstc pata

Name: Randy Durband
Organization: Global Sustainable Tourism Council
Position: Chief Executive Officer
Category: Global 
Region: Non Voting Member

Randy Durband has had two careers in travel and tourism – twenty-plus years in senior leadership positions at some of the finest U.S. tour operators, having served as President for Travcoa, INTRAV, and Clipper Cruise Lines, (brands within TUI Travel plc), plus Executive Vice President of Tauck World Discovery. Following that, in his second travel and tourism career, Randy advanced the work of Sustainable Tourism as an advisor, consultant, and speaker. He brings his knowledge of the business of travel, his global network of travel professionals, and a passion for sustainability to support the GSTC and the general sustainable tourism movement.

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