Randy Durband

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Name: Randy Durband
Position: Chief Executive Officer

Randy Durband has had two careers in travel and tourism – twenty-plus years in senior leadership positions at some of the finest U.S. tour operators, having served as President for Travcoa, INTRAV, and Clipper Cruise Lines, (brands within TUI Travel plc), plus Executive Vice President of Tauck World Discovery. Following that, in his second travel and tourism career, Randy advanced the work of Sustainable Tourism as an advisor, consultant, and speaker.  He brings his knowledge of the business of travel, his global network of travel professionals, and a passion for sustainability to support the GSTC and the general sustainable tourism movement.

Randy is the Chief Executive Officer of the Global Sustainabble Tourism Council. He has held several board positions and committee memberships in travel and tourism organizations, and is a frequent speaker on sustainable tourism issues.


Luigi Cabrini


Name: Luigi Cabrini
Position: Board Chair

Luigi Cabrini (Italy) holds a degree in Political Science from the University of Pisa and has completed postgraduate courses in International Law, History and Economics. From 1978 to 1982 he worked as a journalist and editor in Rome. In 1982 he joined the United Nations assuming responsibilities in cooperation for development and refugees programs in Mexico, Pakistan, Somalia, Switzerland, Poland and Spain. Luigi Cabrini joined UNWTO in 2002 as Regional Representative for Europe. Since June 2007 he is the Director of the UNWTO Sustainable Development Programme, whose mission is to promote the sustainable development of tourism in line with the Global Code of Ethics for Tourism with special focus on the Millennium Development Goals. The Programme undertakes research, develops manuals and provides guidance and training to member States and other tourism stakeholders on sustainable tourism policies and their application to tourism destinations. Luigi Cabrini speaks fluently Italian, English, French and Spanish and has a basic knowledge of Polish and Russian. He is the author of various articles, speeches and papers.

Amos Bien



Name: Amos Bien
Position: Technical Director

Amos is a population ecologist by academic training and administrator, and works in the field of the sustainability of tourism and standardization. He was the lead consultant in developing the “Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria”, author of the “Tourism Sustainability Scorecard” for the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), member of the ISO Technical Committee on Tourism, author of the “Guide for Tourism: Instrument for Environmental and Social Management” (IUCN) for the environmental authorities of Central America and the Dominican Republic, and lead consultant for the study “Policy elements for the sustainability of cruise tourism in Central America” (IDB and INCAE). He also recently worked for the United Nations Environmental Programme (UNEP) on sustainable tourism issues, where he coordinated the projects for establishing a Global Sustainable Tourism Partnership and the Sustainable Investment and Finance in Tourism (SIFT) initiative.

He is a founding member of the GSTC and is the founder and CEO of Rara Avis Rainforest Lodge and Reserve, one of the first ecolodges and private reserves in Costa Rica. He has also worked as a university professor, and in business administration, environmental auditing, and construction. He was the founding president of the Costa Rican Private Nature Reserves Association, president of the Costa Rican Youth Hostel Association, treasurer of the Federation of Costa Rican Environmental Organizations, member of the National Biodiversity Commission, and a country representative to the UN Convention on Biological Diversity and the Johannesburg Summit on Sustainable Development.

Hilary Sgalitzer



Name: Hilary Sgalitzer
Position: Director of Operations

Hilary recently finished her Masters of Science in Sustainable Tourism at the University of Utah.  Her research involved investigating tourists' motivations to donate to a travelers' philanthropy program at Ol Pejeta Conservancy located in Kenya, Africa.  During her time at the University of Utah she was also a Research Assistant, which led to the involvement of a number of other sustainable tourism studies.  Additionally, she served a diverse set of roles in the sustainability industry, such as: guest services at a small ecotourism resort in California, instructing backcountry leadership expeditions in Washington and Wyoming, and coordinating volunteer trail restoration projects on Colorado's popular fourteener summit trails.  Hilary also has an extensive background in wildlife biology and restoration science.  She worked for many years as a field researcher studying endangered species in the coastal watersheds of Northern California and the high alpine lakes of the Eastern Sierra.  Currently, Hilary also serves as the Membership Coordinator for The International Ecotourism Society.  




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