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Green Destinations Standard Achieves GSTC-Recognition

GREEN DESTINATIONS logo webMarch 22, 2016 – The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) is pleased to announce that the Green Destinations Standard has achieved ‘GSTC-Recognized’ status. The awarded status affirms Green Destination’s commitment to promote sustainable tourism products and services.

The Green Destinations Standard is a flexible system to measure, monitor and improve the sustainability of destinations and regions. The Standard applies 100 criteria (including all GSTC-D Criteria) and 100 indicators (including a selection of ETIS indicators). The Standard enables the creation of a SWOT, a quality profile, and thematic ratings on: Destination Management, Nature & Scenery, Environment & Climate, Culture & Tradition, Social well-being, and Business & Hospitality. Status (quality), trends and policy are monitored over time. Global benchmarking is supported by a database on all countries and on 1200 destinations. The Green Destinations Standard can be used by any thematic program (e.g. for ecotourism or biodiversity hotspots) and is currently used by EUCC’s QualityCoast, the QualityDestination certification, and the Slovenia Green destination program.

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22 April, 2016 Joint Award on European Tourism Indicator System and Accessible Tourism, Brussels

EC logoAs recognition of the efforts made by the destinations which participated in and completed the ETIS pilot phases, the European Commission is organising the ETIS and Accessible Tourism Awards 2016.  GSTC Chair Luigi Cabrini will deliver a keynote address at this important awards event.  Categories include Overall Sustainable Destination Management Approach, Sustainable and Responsible Management of Destinations, and Environment and Accessibility as a Catalyst for Sustainable and Responsible Growth.  

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Green Key Global's Green Key Eco-Rating Program Achieves GSTC-Recognition

green key global eco ratingFebruary 25, 2016 – The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) is pleased to announce that Green Key Global’s Green Key Eco-Rating Program has achieved ‘GSTC-Recognized’ status. The awarded status affirms Green Key Global’s commitment to promote sustainable tourism products and services.

Green Key Global’s Eco-Rating Program is a graduated rating system designed to recognize lodging facilities committed to improving their environmental and fiscal performance. Based on the results of a comprehensive environmental self-assessment, lodging facilities are awarded a rating from 1 to 5 Keys, 5 Keys being the highest attainable. In support of their efforts towards becoming a cutting-edge green lodging property, members are provided with education and guidance on how to “unlock” opportunities for reductions in utility consumption, waste, emissions, and operating costs. Additional recommendations and toolkits are included for employee training, staff and customer engagement, supply chain management, community involvement and more.

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Foundation for Environmental Education's Green Key Standard Achieves GSTC-Recognition

Green Key logo in color with textMarch 3, 2016 – The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) is pleased to announce that the Foundation for Environmental Education’s Green Key Standard has achieved ‘GSTC-Recognized’ status. The awarded status affirms Foundation for Environmental Education’s commitment to promote sustainable tourism products and services.

The Green Key Standard is a leading standard for excellence in the field of environmental responsibility and sustainable operation within the tourism industry, representing a commitment by businesses that their premises adhere to the strict criteria set by the Foundation for Environmental Education (FEE). The high environmental standards expected of these hotels are maintained through rigorous documentation and frequent audits. Green Key is available to hotels, hostels, small accommodations, campsites, restaurants and attractions.

GSTC-Recognized means that a sustainable tourism standard has been reviewed by GSTC technical experts and the GSTC Accreditation Panel in order to be deemed equivalent to the GSTC Criteria. Additionally, an organization that meets GSTC requirements must administer the standard. The purpose of the GSTC programs is to recognize and reward genuine practitioners of sustainable tourism, which in turn builds confidence and credibility with consumers.

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Hostelling International's Quality & Sustainability Standard Achieves GSTC-Recognition

H Q SCH 01 1February 11, 2016 – The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) is pleased to announce that Hostelling International’s Quality & Sustainability Standard has achieved ‘GSTC-Recognized’ status. The awarded status affirms Hostelling International’s commitment to promote sustainable tourism products and services.

In line with its internationally adopted Sustainability Charter, Hostelling International has developed HI-Q&S (Hostelling International Quality & Sustainability), a label that stands for a commitment to provide an experience of high quality, with a positive effect on local economy, communities and the environment. Their certification is based on assessment criteria aiming to: demonstrate effective sustainable management; maximise social and economic benefits to the local community, cultural heritage and environment and minimise negative impacts; conserve biodiversity, ecosystems and landscapes. The HI-Q&S standards engage hostellers in a viable, equitable and bearable way of travelling that supports HI’s values of authenticity, inclusivity, learning and understanding, and sustainability.

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