GSTC Staff


Randy Durband, Chief Executive Officer

Randy Durband 200Randy Durband has had two careers in travel and tourism – twenty-plus years in senior leadership positions at some of the finest U.S. tour operators, having served as President for Travcoa, INTRAV, and Clipper Cruise Lines, (brands within TUI Travel plc), plus Executive Vice President of Tauck World Discovery. Following that, in his second travel and tourism career, Randy advanced the work of Sustainable Tourism as an advisor, consultant, and speaker.  He brings his knowledge of the business of travel, his global network of travel professionals, and a passion for sustainability to support the GSTC and the general sustainable tourism movement. He has held several board positions and committee memberships in travel and tourism organizations, and is a frequent speaker on sustainable tourism issues.

Contact Randy at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Connect with Randy on LinkedIn



Andrés Fellenberg Van der Molen, Technical Director

Andres Fellenberg 200x250Parallel to his function as GSTC Technical Director, Andrés is the Director & Lead Auditor of Green Partner. Green Partner advise hotels, travel agencies, tour operators and destinations in the process of obtaining a green certification recognized by the international tourism industry. He has a long experience in the hotel industry, more than 18 years, working in several operational and managerial functions. He is known as a high-energy, creative problem-solver with an eagerness for improving efficiency within organizations and understanding of the critical value of inspiring people to high levels of performance. Andrés works directly and extensively with several GSTC-Approved or -Recognized certifying bodies as: trainer, implementer and auditor, adding to this, his accreditation as Lead Auditor ISO14001 Environmental Management and ISO50001 Energy Management. Andrés holds a degree in Hotel Management and specializations on audit & control, finance, sustainability, environment and energy efficiency.

Contact Andrés at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Connect with Roi on LinkedIn



Ayako Ezaki, Training Director

Ayako Ezaki 200Ayako Ezaki is Co-Founder and Head of Knowledge Management & Communications at TrainingAid, an international tourism and training company offering online training courses and skills development opportunities for tourism industry professionals. Having worked for over eight years in tourism professional training and education in the non-profit sector, Ayako specializes in content building, educational program design, and project planning. She also brings many years of experience in online communications, social media marketing, and web publishing. Through TrainingAid's partnership with the GSTC, Ayako serves as Training Director to develop, manage and market the GSTC Sustainable Tourism Training Program. In addition, Ayako is part of the global advisory board of Good and Green Guides, serves on the judging panel for Wild Asia's Responsible Tourism Awards, and is a member of Ecotourism Japan's organizer team.

Contact Ayako at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Connect with Ayako on LinkedIn



Roi Ariel, General Manager

Roi Ariel 200x250Roi Ariel passionately focuses on responsible, sustainable, and eco tourism. Before becoming GSTC General Manager, Roi managed GSTC's communications and events. He previously worked with UN-ESCAP researching sustainable development and green growth. He was also a Sustainability Associate at Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA), and Wild Asia's Partnership Manager for the Responsible Tourism Awards. Prior to his move to Asia, Roi worked with Friends of the Middle East in Israel as the Green Economy Initiative Advisor. Roi is currently based in Taiwan, where he, in addition to his work with GSTC, researches benefit distribution from community based ecotourism of remote Atayal communities, the third largest group of Taiwan Indigenous Peoples. Roi holds a B.A. in International Relations and Comparative Religion with focus on Development and Asia from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and soon to have his Master degree in Applied Economic and Social Development from Taiwan.

Contact Roi at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Connect with Roi on LinkedIn



Kathleen Pessolano, Destinations Program Director

K Pessolano 200Kathleen Pessolano is Director of the GSTC Destinations Program. Kathleen is an attorney and international practitioner at the intersection of tourism and sustainable development. She assists destinations with planning, policy, and management systems to develop tourism while protecting the natural and cultural resources loved by visitors and residents alike. Kathleen especially enjoys working directly with communities to build capacity, devise strategies to broaden community benefits from tourism, and launch public-private governance structures for sustainable destination management. Kathleen is particularly passionate about coastal tourism issues and small island development. In the last decade, Kathleen has worked for the GSTC, The Heritas Group, Cultural Heritage Partners PLLC, Sustainable Travel International, and served as an attorney for the U.S. Federal Trade Commission and the law firm O'Melveny & Myers LLP. Before law school, Kathleen helped the Center for International Private Enterprise advance private sector development in Latin America & the Caribbean.

Contact Kathleen at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Connect with Kathleen on LinkedIn



Emi Kaiwa, Membership Coordinator

Emi Kaiwa 200Emi Kaiwa specializes in tourism and hospitality, sustainable tourism, project management and administration, and is experienced in the regions of Europe, Africa and Asia. Working in different industries and countries given Emi a varied skillset and the ability to multitask and handle multiple projects simultaneously. Prior to joining GSTC, Emi worked with the leading sustainability organizations, such as University of Cagliari, South Sardinia, SWITCH-Asia, and Pacific Asia Travel Association (PATA). Emi holds a M.B.A in Tourism from University in Thailand, with a concentration in sustainable tourism in Asia. She is currently based in Tokyo, Japan.

Contact Emi at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Connect with Emi on LinkedIn



David Andrés Ortegón-Martínez, Associate Technical Director

david andres ortegon martinez 200x250David is General Director and Co-Founder of “KAI Sustainable Coaching”, a company based in México, created to assist tourism businesses in Latin America to integrate Sustainability into their Management Systems and use it as a key element to optimize the use of its resources and its competitiveness on the market. David`s experience on sustainability include his work as Sustainable Development Corporate Coordinator at El Dorado Spa Hotels & Resorts and Azul Hotels at Mayan Riviera, the Implementation of a Corporate Sustainable Management Systems combining criteria of Green Globe, Travelife and MARTI (Meso-American Reef Tourism Initiative) programs, as well as the coordination of Strategic alliances to develop Corporate Social Responsibility programs and Natural Resources Conservation initiatives in Colombia and México. His work on Tourism Sustainability has been enriched by his previous experience in other sectors coordinating the Rainforest Alliance Certification program and Nespresso verification in México, and developing integrated Systems to measure Sustainability through the optimization of resource management. David holds a Master on Leadership & Environmental Management from the UCI Costa Rica and an International Master in Local/Rural Development from the Polytechnic University of Madrid.

Contact David at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Connect with Roi on LinkedIn



Jackie Denman, Associate Technical Director

Jackie Denman 200x250Jackie studied maths and geography at Cambridge University and has been an Associate of The Tourism Company since its inception in 1991. Jackie has a long held and special interest in the interface between people, place and the environment and has specialised in sustainable tourism and tourism in rural and protected areas. She has worked on destination management plans and on product development strategy and evaluation. She has co-authored publications for the World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO), IUCN and the Secretariat for the Convention on Biological Diversity. In 2009, Jackie was awarded with distinction an MSc in Sustainable Development (Environmental Management) with Imperial College, London; she is an Environmental Partner of the Chartered Institute of Water and Environmental Management.

Contact Jackie at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Connect with Roi on LinkedIn



Richard Denman, Associate Technical Director

Richard Denman 200x250Richard is Director of The Tourism Company, a small specialist tourism consultancy based on the UK. Following a degree in Economics from Cambridge University and a doctorate based on tourism research, Richard worked for ten years as development and marketing director for the tourist board in central England.  He has been a consultant since 1990 and has worked in over fifty countries. In 2005 he wrote the policy guide Making Tourism More Sustainable for UNEP and UNWTO, and has continued to work with them and a number of international agencies on sustainability issues, including the preparation of various good practice guides. Richard has worked at a local level with many destinations round the world and has a particular interest in tourism in protected areas.  In 2009/10 he undertook the initial work on developing the accreditation process for the predecessor body to the GSTC. Richard is a former Board Director of The International Ecotourism Society and serves on the Advisory Committee of the Travel Foundation.

Contact Richard at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.   Connect with Roi on LinkedIn



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