Two days of learning and networking in beautiful Bonito  

GSTC AGM, Friday April 25th

  • Keynote Address by Daniel de Granville, nature photographer, ecotourism expert, and author of the Bonito Field Guide and Agua Boa 

  • Highlights and updates of GSTC’s programs and activities

  • Highlights from the Destination Criteria Early Adopter Program

  • Luncheon with GSTC leaders

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GSTC Destination Workshop, Saturday April 26th

This workshop will help tourism professionals learn how the GSTC Criteria are guiding destinations toward sustainability and achieving market recognition.  Join us to learn about:

  • GSTC Destination Criteria and how to put them to practical use

  • Sustainable destination “Early Adopters” are using the GSTC Destination Criteria and Indicators to enhance their sustainability

  • GSTC Destination Partner Program,

  • GSTC Training & Education Program, with focus on the program’s destination-related curriculum

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Why Bonito?

Bonito Brazil is a unique destination for sustainable tourism.  Bonito prides itself on sustainable destination management and has taken a number of steps towards this.  The area is known for its natural beauty and accessibility to a variety of activities.  Scenic waterfalls, cliffs and many caves complete the beautiful backdrop for adventures ranging from snorkeling down a river, hiking in the jungle, viewing an abundance of wildlife, and rappelling into deep abysses. 

Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference in Bonito, Brazil April 27-30

Members of the GSTC are eligible for a discounted pass to attend the Ecotourism and Sustainable Tourism Conference (ESTC14), taking place after the GSTC events.  The ESTC14, now in its eighth year, is a unique annual conference, which provides practical solutions to advance  sustainability goals for the tourism industry. As a leading international meeting place for tourism businesses and destinations, the ESTC will bring together up to 600 professionals from all sectors in the industry and over 50 countries.

More about ESTC14

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Participate with the GSTC

Travel is an imperative part of our society and has the potential to create positive transformations in the communities and destinations thatpeople visit. Tourism stimulates the local economy by generating jobs, incentivizing local production and bringing in consumers and volunteers. However, this progression can only be possible with the support of Sustainable Tourism. As the travel industry continues to grow, current travel practices are beginning to create negative impacts on the environment and local communities. The GSTC is leading the efforts to foster sustainable tourism by developing the resources and training needed to encourage sustainable practices. In turn, this creates a demand for sustainable products and services. Whether you are a corporation, university, travel provider or adventurer, there are steps you can take to support sustainable tourism and responsible travel. 


Get Involved through:

Membership: Gain the power to promote positive change in the world and receive benefits that will promote your organization’s commitment of sustainable practices and support its credibility.

Sponsorship: As a sponsor, your organization will be positioned to nurture the work of the GSTC and support the valiant mission of sustainable tourism throughout the world.

Responsible Travel: By treading lightly and traveling responsibly, you can minimize the impact that your journey has on the planet, while giving yourself a more meaningful and authentic travel experience. 

Sustainable Business:  Becoming a sustainable business is a step by step approach.  Start by evaluating your business using our member tools and then become certified by one of our approved certifications.  If you are already certified, encourage your certification to become approved and collect the benefits of a globally recognized brand.

Become an Approved Certification:  Whether you are a Sustainable tourism standard or certification program, learn more about GSTC recognition, approval and accreditation.

Help Shape the Definition of Sustainable Tourism: Contribute to the development of the GSTC criteria for destination by providing feedback to the Destination Criteria Draft.

Adopt the Criteria:  Built on decades of prior work and experience around the world, the GSTC Criteria reflect our goal in attaining a global consensus on sustainable tourism. To date, two sets of GSTC Criteria have been developed:  Hotels and Tour Operators, and for Destinations (currently in the process of public consultation of the first draft).   


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