COVID-19 Announcements to Accredited CBs

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak and consideration of the welfare of all individuals participating in the GSTC system, the GSTC is issuing derogations to allow for scheduling and conducting of remote audits. GSTC will continue monitoring the COVID-19 outbreak and supporting tourism efforts to mitigate the impacts of the COVID-19.

So far, the GSTC has issued the following derogations, while the second derogation amends the first one and so forth:

GSTC COVID-19 Derogation 2020 #1, 16th March 2020
GSTC COVID-19 Derogation 2020 #2, 7th April 2020
GSTC COVID-19 Derogation 2020 #3, 10th July 2020
GSTC COVID-19 Derogation 2021 #1, 8th March 2021

GSTC COVID-19 Announcement, Derogation 2021 #1