15 Ways You Can Help Curb Overtourism

///15 Ways You Can Help Curb Overtourism

More than 1 billion tourists travel internationally each year. But not everyone wants you visiting their city.

“There’s been a sudden explosion of awareness around over-tourism because there are more destinations where it’s become an issue,” says Randy Durband, CEO of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

As policy-makers and travel companies work to address an issue reaching its boiling point, we travelers also can do our part to help—and still enjoy an epic, guilt-free vacation. The key comes in planning ahead, showing a little respect and thinking sustainably.

Read the tips that Erica Bray from Orbitz collected from experts to inspire a vacation that will make you feel good about traveling, not guilty.

15 Ways You Can Help Curb Overtourism by Erica Bray, Orbitz Blog (published: 29 Nov 2017).

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