GSTC Auditor Training

Dates: November 21, 2022 – November 23, 2022
Venue: Meeting Room 10, Hilton İstanbul Kozyatağı
Language: English (Consecutive translation in Turkish)
Scope: GSTC Industry Criteria for Hotels

GSTC Auditor Training involves training class and two tests. In the GSTC Auditor Training Class, the GSTC Industry Criteria will be explained with the process of audit and key issues auditors need to be aware of.

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GSTC Auditor Training

Certification Bodies will need to conform to the current version of the GSTC Accreditation Manual and have auditors and certification decision-makers that have specific knowledge of sustainable tourism and the GSTC Criteria.

To confirm auditors and certification decision-makers have the needed specific knowledge, they are required to attend an auditor training approved by the GSTC and satisfactory pass of an examination. This requirement cannot be initiated until after the Certification Body has formally opened their application for accreditation.


GSTC Certificate of Achievement

By completing the GSTC Auditor Training class, you will meet the training requirement towards earning the GSTC Certificate of Achievement.

For the GSTC Certificate of Achievement, two kind of tests are required.

  • Written Exam: Auditors who intend to work for the GSTC-accredited CB may take and pass the GSTC Auditor Exam (passing score: 85%). It will be via email with 1 week time for completing the answer sheet.
  • Field Performance Test: Auditors will deliver individual mock audit on a hotel.


Dr. Mihee Kang 

GSTC Trainer Dr. Mihee KangDr. Mihee Kang is the GSTC Director for the Asia Pacific region, as well as an authorized trainer and destination assessor. She has taught and researched ecotourism and sustainable tourism at several universities since receiving her Ph.D. degree in 1999 from Seoul National University. As the first Ph.D. in ecotourism in S. Korea and a UNESCO Man and Biosphere Reserve (MAB) Young Scientists Awards 2000 winner, she has been involved in sustainable tourism policy development and sustainability assessments of various types of destinations in S. Korea and other countries over 20 years. She has served in both domestic and international organizations such as Korean Geopark Committee, Korea Islands Foundation, Korea Trails and Culture, Jeju World Heritage Committee, Korea Forest Education Committee, Asian Ecotourism Network, etc. She has actively participated in numerous research projects and ODA projects in Korea and abroad. Dr. Kang has published many articles and books including a recent book about ecotourism in Asian countries.


Mr. Randy Durband

Randy Durband has had two careers in travel and tourism – twenty-plus years in senior leadership positions at some of the finest U.S. tour operators, having served as President for Travcoa, INTRAV, and Clipper Cruise Lines, (brands within TUI Travel plc), plus Executive Vice President of Tauck World Discovery. Following that, in his second travel and tourism career, Randy advanced the work of Sustainable Tourism as an advisor, consultant, and speaker.  He brings his knowledge of the business of travel, his global network of travel professionals, and a passion for sustainability to support the GSTC and the general sustainable tourism movement. He has held several board positions and committee memberships in travel and tourism organizations, and is a frequent speaker on sustainable tourism issues.

Guest Speakers

Mr. Nabil Tarazi

After 17 years working in the technology sector, Nabil Tarazi left his job in 2006 and spent a year backpacking in Australia and Asia where he found his calling: adventure and ecotourism. He founded EcoHotels in 2009, and entered into partnership with the Royal Society for the Conservation of Nature to manage and operate the only ecolodge in Jordan, Feynan Ecolodge. Under Nabil’s management, Feynan became a model ecotourism destination, achieving numerous international awards, including being selected by National Geographic Traveler as one of the best 25 ecolodges in the world and being the overall winner of the 2019 WTM Responsible Tourism Awards. Nabil consults on sustainability and the development and operation of ecolodge and is a founding member of the Global Ecotourism Network, and currently the organization’s treasurer.

Ms. Jennifer Klar

Jennifer is based in Bangkok where she has been working with Six Senses since 2018, after graduating from her Master’s in Global Hospitality Business with a trimester at each, EHL, Hong Kong Poly University and University of Houston. She joined the group as a fast-track sustainability management trainee in Bangkok and moved thereafter to China, Chengdu province, where she worked as the sustainability manager for Six Senses Qing Cheng Mountain. She thereafter supported the pre-opening of Six Senses Istanbul, before moving back to Thailand early 2020 to work for Six Senses Home Office as Corporate Sustainability Manager. In her current role as Director Corporate Sustainability, her responsibilities include managing operational impacts across 20 hotels as well as driving groupwide initiatives such as Plastic Free 2022 or the Climate Action Plan. Jennifer draws 8 years of work experience in hospitality and 6 years of work experience in finance and knows that measuring data, good communication and transparency are key in making sustainable tourism the norm.


Course Registration Fees

  • US$ 750
  • The registration deadline is November 11.
  • Auditor who wants to attend the training should register through the certification body the auditor works for.

What’s Included

This fee includes the written exam and the mock-audit performance test.

Please note: The 2nd trial of the written exam is NOT included in the above course registration fee.

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