Good Practices for Sustainable Cruise Tourism Report

The European Commission has published its Good Practices for Sustainable Cruise Tourism Report. The report takes a deep dive into the cruise industry looking at issues, data and sustainable tourism. It highlights several European case studies where projects or activities have had sustainability at their core with positive and measurable results. Examples include a sustainable cruise terminal, shoreside power, a food waste reduction programme and a waste management scheme.

The report also highlights the GSTC Destination Criteria framework in practice.

“In Dubrovnik, for example, GSTC conducted a CLIA-financed destination assessment, including on-site activities, in the last months of 2019 and worked with the Dubrovnik Tourist Board and the Dubrovnik Development Agency together on their project to develop sustainable tourism. The results of the assessment identified key gaps and actions needed to help move tourism in Dubrovnik towards a sustainable future. This study, which required a partnership between the cruise industry and the city of Dubrovnik, was a testament to what can be achieved through collaborative tourism initiatives to help preserve the heritage and environment of the world’s favourite destinations for future generations. Furthermore, the GSTC, in partnership with the CLIA, has also used this framework to assess destinations in Greece (Athens, Corfu, Heraklion).”

Read the full report: Good Practices for Sustainable Cruise Tourism Report (3 January 2023)