The Green Destinations Standard is a system to measure, monitor and improve the sustainability of destinations and regions. It is owned by ECEAT, EUCC and Green Destinations. The Standard applies 100 criteria and 100 indicators. The Standard enables the creation of a SWOT, a quality profile, and a variety of thematic ratings. Status (quality), trends and policy are monitored over time. Global benchmarking is supported by a database on all countries and on 1200 destinations. The Standard can be used by any thematic program (e.g. for ecotourism) and is currently used by EUCC’s QualityCoast, QualityDestination certification, and the Slovenia Green destinations program.



Recognized Standards for Destinations – Country Specific

The following standards are adapted to match the situation of specific countries, and have been Recognized as aligned with the GSTC Criteria for Destinations.