On World Tourism Day, 27th September, the Global Green Destinations Day conference (27-28.9.2016), will take place in Ljubljana, capital of Slovenia which was recognized as the European Green Capital 2016. The 2-day international event is supported by the Global Sustainable Tourism Council.

The Global Green Destinations Day will present the exclusive awards ceremony for the Top 100 Sustainable Destinations 2016, featuring the most successful sustainable tourism destinations of the world, as well as the best providers of green solutions in the tourism sector.

The Green Destination Standard used to select the top 100 Green Destinations is fully aligned with Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria for Destinations. Certification approved or recognized by the GSTC is an important factor for deciding the final list of 100 destinations.

GSTC Chair Luigi Cabrini will be a keynote speaker at the Global Green Destinations Day. His keynote will be about “Looking forward to 2017: the Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.”

The main topics of the event will be debated at special discussion and study panels, which will address the key aspects of sustainable development in tourism, the development of smart cities and local communities, green transport for today and tomorrow, social change, sustainable management and education on green tourism.