On August 27-28, the First Congress on Quality and Sustainability took place in the City of Guatemala, by the Guatemalan Tourism Board, INGUAT (Instituto Guatemalteco de Turismo), a GSTC Member.

With 200 participants, the Congress aim was to raise awareness about sustainability in the travel and tourism sector, as well as to encourage the implementation of quality and sustainable criteria through the certification systems “Sello Q” and “Sello Q Verde” that have been established in the Master Plan of Sustainable Tourism, Guatemala 2015-2025.

Jorge Moller, GSTC Board Member and Chile Country Representative, spoke at the Congress about the importance and implementation of the GSTC Criteria.

After the Congress, delegates visited Lake Atitlan   in Sololá region and experienced community-based tourism services provided by the local community in the town of San Juan and Santa Catarina de Polopó.

Another lecture was given about the GSTC to the students of INTECAP (Instituto Técnico de Capacitación y Productividad) and other universities across Guatemala.