GSTC Workshop MTAOn September 18th 2023, the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) in collaboration with Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) held a GSTC MICE Criteria Development Workshop in the hotel InterContinental, in Malta. 

MTA is a GSTC Member since 2011. Kevin Fsadni, Deputy CEO, Malta Tourism Authority, participated in the panel of “Sustainable Coastal Destinations” in the GSTC2023 Global Conference held in Antalya, Türkiye.

Experts in the MICE industry, sustainability enthusiasts, and professionals curious about innovative approaches to the MICE Industry were invited to the GSTC MICE Criteria Workshop by MTA. The exchange provided a unique opportunity for maltese professionals to contribute to the development of the GSTC MICE Criteria

At the event, attendees had the chance to delve into each criterion related to venues, event organizers, and events/exhibitions. They were encouraged to share their comments on each criterion and debate on its relevance while envisioning how they could implement them within their own events or organizations.

The moderator for the GSTC MICE Criteria Workshop was Tatiana Agudelo Monguí, GSTC’s Membership Coordinator, whom gather valuable insights from the participants. Also, Dr. Mihee Kang, GSTC Global Assurance Director, Emi Kaiwa, GSTC Manager for Asia Pacific  and Dr. So Young Lee, GSTC Project Manager, were present at the Workshop online.

“The GSTC MICE Criteria workshop, with the local stakeholders, was a great success. Maltese MICE experts were thrilled to share their knowledge about their expertise in prioritising sustainability to meet customer demands.

The Malta Tourism Authority (MTA) commenced its commitment to advancing sustainability in the hotel industry back in 2011. Since that year, the MTA has been a member of the GSTC and is pleased to have played an active role by contributing this time to the formulation of the GSTC MICE Criteria, recognizing its potential to make a substantial contribution to mitigating the negative effects and enhance positive impacts within the tourism sector,” said Ivan Cassar, MTA Manager Quality Assurance.

“We are grateful to the Malta Tourism Authority, our destination member, for their support in the development of the MICE Criteria. Their experts and practitioners in the field of MICE were invited to the workshop, which allowed for a more diverse range of voices to be heard during the drafting process. The global MICE Industry, along with the GSTC, benefited greatly from this workshop. We welcome contributions from other members to further improve the MICE Criteria development process,” said Dr. Kang, GSTC Global Assurance Director.

GSTC Workshop MTAMaltese MICE experts joined the draft on the Feasibility Assessment of the GSTC MICE Criteria. For those interested in also participating in the feasibility assessment, please contact:

In sum, the event was a rewarding and captivating experience for everyone involved, allowing participants to influence the future direction of sustainable practices within the MICE industry.

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