GSTC was present at Tenerife’s Global Summit 2024 Tenerife’s Global Summit, organized by the University of La Laguna and the University of Strathclyde through Turismo de Tenerife, was held in Canary Islands, Spain, from June 19th to 21st under the theme “Tourism: The State of the Art.” It was the third global meeting following the international summits held in 1994 and 2004 in Scotland.

The event brought together professionals from up to 15 countries and 20 universities, from public and private entities, research centers, and different organizations.

GSTC was present at Tenerife’s Global Summit 2024 Mr. Luigi Cabrini, GSTC Chair, was present at the event and participated in the Innovative Talk Discussion about “Sustainable Tourism – Environmental Responsibility and Ecological Transition” along with colleagues: José Juan Lorenzo, Promotur Government of the Canary Islands, Rachel Dodds from Ted Rogers School of Hospitality and Tourism Management (Canada), Christoph Kiessling from Loro Parque Foundation and Manuel Ferreira from TUI Care Foundation; the discussion was moderated by D. Miguel Sanz Castedo, General Manager of Turespaña.

Mr. Cabrini emphasized the importance of collaborative efforts in sustainable tourism, stating, “Only through collective action and shared responsibility can we ensure the future of tourism is both environmentally and economically sustainable. We must work together across sectors and borders to implement practices that protect our natural resources, support local communities, and create resilient tourism economies. Our collective commitment to sustainability will shape the future of travel and tourism for generations to come.”

The summit also featured workshops, keynote speeches, and panel discussions, providing a comprehensive platform for sharing knowledge and best practices. Participants had the opportunity to engage in interactive sessions, network with industry leaders, and explore innovative solutions to current and future challenges in tourism.

Tenerife’s Global Summit 2024 aims to offer solutions to the challenges facing smart tourism destinations. More information here: