On January 20th, 2021, a GSTC webinar on “Collaboration Among Competitors to Advance Sustainability” took place, with examples on how inbound tour operators (DMCs) collaborate to advance sustainability adherence within destinations they work in.

Presenters were Alexandra Michat Roux (EXO Foundation Manager & EXO Travel Director of Sustainability) and Nia Klatte (Khiri Reach Executive Director & Khiri Travel Regional Sustainability Coordinator). The webinar was moderated by Roi Ariel, GSTC General Manager.

Both EXO Travel and Khiri Travel are GSTC Members.

Recording of the webinar is available on the GSTC YouTube channel (see below)

Examples of DMCs collaborating in Destinations

  • IMPACT Vietnam, an initiative led by GSTC Members EXO Travel and Khiri Travel, is a network of committed tourism operators working for the promotion of sustainable tourism in Vietnam. “We aim to work closely within our supply chains and with various stakeholders around the country, engaging and encouraging partnerships whenever possible. We know where our strengths lie and as a collaborative group, IMPACT Vietnam will reduce the negative and increase the positive impact that we as members of the travel industry have on the country that we work in, live in and promote.”
  • The Indonesian DMC Sustainability Collaboration (IDSC) was initiated by DMCs working in Indonesia working together to collect data from their suppliers. The basic idea of IDSC is to collect data on the application of sustainability and health & safety principles throughout their business practices. The Collaboration designed a comprehensive set of questions and attached to it a comprehensive and easy to read scoring model.
  • CAM-DMC is an association consisting of 17 Destination Management Companies (DMC), working in Cambodia for guests from the Western markets.

Watch the webinar recording