Global Sustainable Tourism Conference 2017 Aysen, Chile: One Week Away

///Global Sustainable Tourism Conference 2017 Aysen, Chile: One Week Away

 The Global Sustainable Tourism Conference 2017 in Aysen, Chile (GSTC2017 Aysen), hosted by Aysen and organized by Sernatur and GSTC, is one week away: September 6th-9th in Coyhaique, Aysen Region, Chile.

The main theme of GSTC2017 Aysen focuses on “Sustainable Destinations”, including management, marketing and certification, all key issues addressed by the GSTC Criteria.

Topics in the program include: application of the GSTC Destination Criteria; certifications in Latin America, tourism and climate change: adaptation and mitigation strategies, marketing sustainable tourism, sustainable visitor management, indigenous tourism, ecotourism and community-based tourism, sustainable food in the tourism industry, and sustainable hotel management. Simultaneous translation is provided in English and Spanish.

Speakers are Chilean and international experts, coming from more than dozen countries. The majority of the speakers come from Latin America, with Chileans are about half of the total speakers (including Mapuche and Yagan).  

Participants include international and domestic tourism stakeholders involved in the development and promotion of sustainable tourism; including public sector, hotels, tour operators, academia, development agencies, NGOs, consultants, and more. Along with Chilean participants, international participants come from: Australia, Botswana, Canada, Hong Kong, Cayman Islands, Colombia, Costa Rica, France, Greece, Guatemala, Mexico, Netherlands, Peru, Portugal, Russia, Spain, Taiwan, UK, USA, and more.

As with previous GSTC Conferences, the carbon footprint of the event will be offset with the aim to become a ‘carbon neutral event’ by the scheme CO2 NEUTRAL SEAL through sponsorship of Green Evolution SA. Other sustainable-events practices will be carried out, such as reducing paper and plastic usage to a minimum.

GSTC2017 Aysen will be held in Dreams Patagonia, Coyhaique, which can accommodate a conference in this scale. The Conference is estimated to benefit local businesses, as the 200 participants stay in numerous accommodations in Coyhaique, with lunches and dinners distributed to a number of restaurants that serve local food.

The GSTC team and its members are looking forward to a fruitful Conference with direct engagement to strengthen the global sustainable tourism movement, through a rare opportunity of face-to-face discussions on the subjects of the Conference.

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