Hotel Yearbook 2018 Sustainable Hospitality Now Released

///Hotel Yearbook 2018 Sustainable Hospitality Now Released

The “Hotel Yearbook 2018 – Sustainable Hospitality” has been released and is available online for free.

Along the same lines as previous editions of the Hotel Yearbook, the 2018 Sustainable Hospitality edition gathers the thoughts and research from a wide-ranging group of senior executives, analysts, consultants and opinion leaders from all over the world to ask, “What lies ahead for the global hotel industry in light of the ever-changing and challenging environmental, societal and economic dimensions?”.


The publication includes authors from the GSTC and GSTC members:

  • “Why certify your hotel as sustainable?” By Randy Durband, CEO at Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC)
  • “Hotel Owners for Tomorrow: The call to action” By Eric Ricaurte, Founder at Greenview and Grace Kang, Managing Partner at Greenview
  • “The future of hotel food waste” By Benjamin Lephilibert, Managing Director LightBlue Environmental Consulting
  • “Taking the ‘Buy Local’ movement from version 1.0 to 3.0” By Aurora Dawn Reinke, Founder, Astrapto

Hotel Yearbook 2018 – Sustainable Hospitality

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