The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) announces the appointment of Mr. Jeppe Klockareson as its Country Representative in Sweden. GSTC Country Representatives play a valuable role, serving as the “eyes and ears” and in many ways the voices of GSTC in their respective countries or regions.

“Jeppe Klockareson is uniquely qualified based on his long and deep experience in – and contribution to – sustainable tourism in Sweden,” says GSTC CEO Randy Durband. “With increasing engagement and new members in Sweden, such as Region Västerbotten and others, we are delighted to have Jeppe to represent GSTC in Sweden.”

“Sweden is often perceived as a pioneer and front-runner when it comes to sustainability, which is something we take pride in,” says Jeppe Klockareson. “But when it comes to tourism, things are moving slowly and we can do so much better – both nationally (inbound and domestic tourism) and internationally (outbound tourism). The GSTC provides proven and recognized tools and trainings which can really help Sweden as a destination, to push forward and get further engagement in terms of sustainable tourism development.”

“My ambition is to drive this engagement at a national level and work with educations, certifications, national and regional tourism organizations and the travel trade, to showcase what the GSTC can provide,” adds Klockareson.


Jeppe Klockareson is passionate about travel, nature and sustainability issues and has worked in tourism since 2004, focusing on ecotourism and responsible tourism. He’s held previous positions at Basecamp Explorer Sweden and STA Travel Nordic, as Managing Director and Product Manager and is the owner and founder of Fair Travel. Fair Travel is committed to sustainable tourism and travel principles, offering advisory and consultancy, sales & marketing support, lectures, keynote speaking and project work.

He’s been instrumental in developing specialized sustainable tourism training programs for travel trade professionals in cooperation with higher vocational educations in Sweden. He’s a returning teacher and speaker both in Sweden and beyond, on training workshops and capacity building for sustainable tourism development.

Jeppe is a current board member of the Swedish Ecotourism Society, and he’s held positions at the Steering Committees of various tourism educations. Jeppe is also the organizer of several sustainable tourism development events and forums in the past.