• 11 Mandarin Oriental hotels received accredited certification in 2023 by GSTC-Accredited Certification Bodies, with a target of certification across all properties by 2025.

  • Reduction of energy intensity per square meter, falling by 22% from a 2012 baseline

  • Responsible sourcing on key high volume food products verified by global assurance partner, LRQA

Mandarin Oriental 2023 Sustainability Report Highlights Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group launched its 2023 Sustainability Report which tracks the progress the Group has made against its sustainability agenda and specific targets. Over the past year, Mandarin Oriental has continued to enhance its Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) policies, emphasizing its commitment to sustainable practices across the Group.

“Sustainability is not just a responsibility, but a cornerstone of excellence for luxury. As stewards of some of the most beautiful and sought-after locations in the world, we are committed to continuing to innovate while setting the highest standards in luxury hospitality, from the unique experiences we create for our guests, to the impact we have on the planet and the communities where we operate.” says Laurent Kleitman, Chief Executive Officer of Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group.  “Our dedication to sustainability is reflected in the significant progress we have made in various areas, including energy efficiency, single use plastic elimination, and responsible sourcing.”

Key highlights from this year’s report include:

Food-waste-management powered by AI

To address the significant issue of food waste, Mandarin Oriental has implemented Winnow, an AI-powered food-waste-management system, across all its kitchens. This technology uses data analysis to optimize menus and portions, significantly reducing food waste.

Reduction of energy

Despite the growth in the number of hotels, Mandarin Oriental has achieved a notable reduction in energy intensity per square meter, falling by 22% from a 2012 baseline. Additionally, the Group has increased its renewable energy use from 4% to 8% over the same period.

Elimination of 99% single-use plastics 

Mandarin Oriental has successfully eliminated 99% of single-use plastics from its operations, with ongoing efforts to address the remaining 1%. This initiative has so far removed nearly 1,000 metric tons of plastic waste annually , demonstrating the Group’s commitment to responsible waste management.

Reduced carbon emissions 

In line with its goal to reduce carbon emissions by 50% by 2030, Mandarin Oriental is actively supporting the development of the Net Zero Methodology, contributing to industry-wide progress through its involvement with the World Sustainable Hospitality Alliance.

Responsible sourcing 

Mandarin Oriental has made significant strides in responsible sourcing, with all coffee, tea, vanilla, cocoa and sugar verified by global assurance partner LRQA for responsible sourcing. Furthermore, the Group adheres to the latest WWF Endangered Seafood Guide, avoiding 19 species listed on its Endangered Seafood Avoid List. Over 90% of the Group’s eggs are sourced from cage-free chickens, with a target of reaching 100% by 2024. 

Innovative partnerships with leading suppliers have also led to the creation of eco-friendly guest room amenities, including plastic-free options for sanitary bags, shower caps, and shavers.

Supporting communities 

In 2023, Mandarin Oriental introduced a group-wide initiative granting colleagues a paid day off for volunteering. This resulted in a 150% increase in volunteer hours year-on-year, reflecting the Group’s commitment to community engagement. 

Juliet Kinsman, editor of the report, author and founder of Bouteco, stated: “We hope that this report’s exponential effect increases the positive impact of those who read it since, as well as sharing Mandarin Oriental’s own data, it communicates the key themes in sustainability in an easy-to-read way. We hope that its straight-talking style helps readers better understand what matters and why when measuring sustainability, encouraging other hotels, businesses, and individuals to be inspired to improve and advance their own practices.”

To access the full sustainability report, please visit: https://www.mandarinoriental.com/en/our-company/sustainability   

What is GSTC MO Sustainability Report 2023

GSTC-Committed Status 

The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) announced last February that the Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group Limited had gained GSTC-Committed status for its adoption (without amendment) of the GSTC Industry Criteria v3.0.

 GSTC-Committed does not ensure certification, accreditation, or recognition, but only that the GSTC Criteria is implemented to the organization’s policy, plan, and operation. The purpose of the GSTC programs is to reward genuine practitioners of sustainable tourism, which builds confidence and credibility with consumers. 

11 Mandarin Oriental hotels were GSTC-Certified in 2023 by GSTC-Accredited Certification Bodies, with a target of certification across all properties by 2025.

About Mandarin Oriental Hotel Group 

Mandarin Oriental is the award-winning owner and operator of some of the world’s most luxurious hotels, resorts and residences with each destination reflecting the Group’s oriental heritage, local culture and unique design. 

Having grown from its Asian roots into a global luxury brand, the Group now operates 40 hotels, 12 residences and 23 exclusive homes in 26 countries and territories with many more projects under development. 

Recognized as an innovative leader in luxury hospitality creating exceptional properties and guest experiences, the Group’s mission is to be a brand-led, guest-centric, global hospitality group, that cares for colleagues, the environment and the communities where it operates. 

Further information is available on our Social Media channels and website: www.mandarinoriental.com