Vesselka Consulting Ltd. is an independent international organization offering a broad range of professional services. We use practical approaches to design and implement initiatives that achieve results and make a difference for the private sector and development programs. Working with private sector senior management we provide in-depth feasibility studies followed by implementation. In development our work informs the highest levels of government to local administrations to implement development goals in capacity building, restructuring, land administration, regulatory reforms. Our in-house Black Sea Sustainable Rural Tourism Program is the only effort of its kind in the region and incorporates sustainability criteria for each member community within a unique for-profit and development envelope to achieve maximum impact and financial sustainability. We source specialists who have on average more than 30 years’ business and development experience in more than 30 countries and incorporate sustainability in everything they undertake. We are committed to a clear value structure. We believe that the client’s interests come first. This means delivering better value than the client expects. It does not mean doing whatever the client asks. Our specialists are expected to exhibit professional conduct at all times and respect for local cultures and customs without compromising integrity.