Presenter: Jeffery Smith Vice, President – Sustainability, Six Senses Hotels Resorts Spas

“No plastic straws since 2016 and millions of plastic bottles eliminated every year thanks to producing and bottling our own drinking water (in glass bottles) on site. Plans are now well underway to eliminate the rest and we encourage our guests to join in too. Our audacious goal: to be completely free of plastic by the year 2022.”

Presenter: Natalie Kidd, Managing Director, PEAK DMC; Chief Operating Officer, Intrepid Group

Due to the ongoing impact of coronavirus (COVID-19) and the likelihood of international borders remaining closed for an extended period, Intrepid Travel has suspended all tours globally until at least 30 September 2020. Natalie Kidd will share insights from Intrepid Group / PEAK DMC about how companies can continue implementing sustainable practices at such times.

Led by: Jonathan Tourtellot, CEO of Destination Stewardship Center; Co-Chair of GSTC Destination Stewardship Working Group

Presenter: Greg Bakunzi, Founder, Red Rocks Initiatives For Sustainable Development

Red Rocks Initiative is an African non-profit organization that supports sustainable development in Africa by engaging in sustainable tourism and community-driven environmental conservation initiatives that are meant to benefit local communities.

Presenter: Randy Durband, GSTC CEO

Supply chain development is a form of procurement and a form of verification of the sustainability of the products and services under offer of a tourism business. If a seller or operator of travel services wishes to claim that their supply chain is sustainable, how do they go about it? Do they conduct their own analysis of each supplier’s performance? That would be time-consuming and costly. A better approach is to trust the work of the experts that conduct neutral, independent, 3rd-party certification of businesses.

Randy Durband 100

* Gabriela Kühn, Head of Program – Against Sexual Exploitation of Children in Travel and Tourism (SECTT), ECPAT International
* Damien Brosnan, Programme Manager, The Code

No country or child is immune to this ever-growing risk. As the world responds to COVID-19, push factors that facilitate or lead to sexual abuse and exploitation of children are expected to intensify. All partners need to address the rapidly changing situation and its devastating effects, to ensure that child protection remains central to the current and future responses, including for the Travel & Tourism sector’s recovery. The webinar will focus on the prevention of the sexual exploitation of children, including trafficking and practical ways that members can implement the specific section of the GSTC Criteria. www.protectingchildrenintourism.org

Presenter: Lonneke de Kort, BookDifferent CEO

Bookdifferent.com is a Social Enterprise, founded in 2012 in The Netherlands. Their main goal is to help people choose a better way to travel. That means, also, booking accommodations that take care of the environment, the local people, and the communities they are located in.


Presenter: Dr. Court Whelan, Director of Sustainability and Conservation Travel, Natural Habitat Adventures

Natural Habitat Adventures operated a Zero Waste Adventure on the July 6-12, 2019 departure of Safari America: Yellowstone Country. This small group diverted 99 percent of all on-trip waste produced as a byproduct of Nat Hab-sponsored trip operations: • Refuse • Recycle • Compost • Upcycle • Re-Use
At the end of the trip, the group was able to fit all waste produced into a single small container.

WWF has released its third annual report this September with GlobeScan on China’s ivory consumption 2019. This research was conducted for the first time in Sep-Oct 2017, before the implementation of China’s ivory trade ban on December 31st of that year. The study, which is the largest ever consumer research in China on this topic, was repeated after the ban in May-Jun 2018 and for a third time in May-Jul 2019 to evaluate changes in consumers’ awareness, attitudes and behaviour, specifically past purchase incidence, future intention to buy, consumer profiles and segments, ban awareness, campaign recall and more. WWF is pleased to invite you to an online webinar with us to explore the key findings of the research.


Planet Happiness is a grass-roots big data project to introduce Gross National Happiness, wellbeing & more to local communities, governments at all levels and businesses. Its target audiences and collaborators are individuals, local communities, businesses and governments connected to the travel and tourism industry. Dr Paul Rogers is the co-founder and director of Planet Happiness. He has over 20 years’ experience as a tourism advisor to national and local governments and has worked in more than a dozen countries in Asia, Africa and Australia.

Presenter: Felix L. Wallner, Senior Business Development Manager, Krabi Spesialisten

«Reducing Plastic Waste – As with many tourism towns, we are up against the issue of Single-Use Plastics. We understand that this is a matter of convenience, for our guests. So, we want to help make things Easier for You to be Eco :)!»

Presenter: Diannille Taylor‑Williams, St. Kitts Ministry of Tourism

The St. Kitts Sustainable Destination Council was founded based on the principles of the GSTC Criteria for Destinations following St. Kitts and Nevis’s GSTC destination sustainability assessment, and has been declared as the WTTC 2019 Tourism for Tomorrow Awards winner in the Destination Stewardship category.

Presenter: Randy Durband, GSTC CEO

Presenter: Brad Nahill, President, SEE Turtles

SEE Turtles protects endangered sea turtles throughout Latin America and the world by supporting community-based conservation efforts. Our Billion Baby Turtles program provides support for important turtle nesting beaches and has helped save more than 1 million hatchlings. Too Rare To Wear is a campaign working to end the demand for turtle shell products. Our conservation trips provide volunteer and financial support for conservation efforts and our school programs help teachers and students learn about these incredible animals and how to protect them. Our latest program, Divers For Turtles, inspires divers and the dive industry to support turtle conservation efforts.

Presenter: Chloë Harvey, Reef-World Director

Green Fins, internationally coordinated by Reef-World (GSTC Member), are an environmental set of standards with a comprehensive management approach to provide guidance and support for business owners and national authorities to promote best practices. Diving and snorkelling centres are uniquely positioned to act within their own communities and among customers to encourage positive and lasting change.

On March 27, USAID Wildlife Asia, USAID Saving Species and GlobeScan hosted a webinar to explore demand for parts and products derived from rhinos, elephants, pangolins and tigers, across three major consumption countries. Evidence-based recommendations were provided to help reduce the demand for these products among different consumer segments. Findings were from multiple wildlife consumer demand studies in China, Thailand and Vietnam. The results uncovered the beliefs, attitudes and values of consumers which drive them to buy and use wildlife parts and products.

The webinar featured the following panelists:

  • Eleanora de Guzman, Team Lead, Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC), USAID Wildlife Asia
  • Grace Gabriel, USAID Wildlife Asia (China)
  • My Ha, Task Lead, Demand Reduction, USAID Saving Species
  • Pakprim Oranop Na Ayuthaya, Monitoring, Evaluation and Learning Specialist, USAID Wildlife Asia
  • Wander Meijer, Director Asia Pacific, GlobeScan

Presenter: Evi Mateboer, ASI GSTC Program Manager

Presenter: Elyse Stavely, ASI Communications Coordinator


Presenter: Richard Malesu, Botswana Tourism Organisation


Presenter: Roi Ariel, General Manager, GSTC

Presenter: Jeremy Sampson, Ecosystem Programme Communications Officer, IUCN

Presenter: Mauro Randone, Regional Projects Manager, WWF Mediterranean

Presenter: Andrés Fellenberg v.d. Molen, Director & Senior Lead Auditor at Green Partner

Presenter: Andy Northrop, Regional Educator, Sustainable Tourism, Greening Michigan Institute, Michigan State University Extension

Presenter: Natalia Naranjo, GSTC Representante de País – Colombia & Ecuador

Presenter: CB (Ram) Ramkumar, GSTC Board Member and Country Representative in India; Founder and Managing Director of Green Dreams for the Planet

Presenter: Benjamin Lephilibert, Managing Director, LightBlue Consulting


Presenter: Marco Sepulveda, General Manager, Sustainability, EarthCheck


Presenter: Gili Back, Sustainability Manager, Khiri Travel

Presenter: Ingunn Sørnes, Special Adviser at Innovation Norway; GSTC Board Member

innovation norway 150x150

Presenter: Ayako Ezaki, Training Director, GSTC Sustainable Tourism Training Program (STTP)

Presenter: Dr. D’Arcy Dornan, GSTC Brazil Country Representative

Presenter: Ayako Ezaki, Training Director, GSTC Sustainable Tourism Training Program (STTP)

Presenter: Dr. Ioannis Pappas, Co-Founder & CEO, Green Evolution SA / GSTC Greece Country Representative

Ioannis Pappas 120 Training Partner Green Evolution

Presenter: Irene Lane, GSTC Market Access Working Group Chair

Beatriz Barreal 120

Presenter: Irene Lane, GSTC Market Access Working Group Chair

Presenter: Antje Martins, GSTC Trainer / Training & Corporate Project Manager, EarthCheck

GSTC Trainer Antje Martins

Presenter: Kathleen Pessolano, GSTC Destinations Program Director

Pessolan 100x100

Presenter: Dr. Xavier Font, University of Surrey, Travindy

Xavier Font 120

Presenter: Beatriz Barreal Danel, GSTC Board and Mexico Country Representative

Beatriz Barreal 120

Presenter: Susana Conde, GSTC Board and Spain Country Representative

Susana Conde 100

Presenter: Dr. D’Arcy Dornan, GSTC Brazil Country Representative

Interested in presenting?

Members that are interested in delivering webinars can contact GSTC General Manager, Roi Ariel, at roi@gstcouncil.org to discuss further details.