NJV ATHENS PLAZA is the 1st City Hotel in Greece to obtain GSTC Certification by RoyalCert®, a GSTC-Accredited certification body. 

NJV ATHENS PLAZA Achieves the First GSTC Certification in GreeceThe GSTC Certification is based on the globally recognized standard for sustainable tourism, the GSTC Hotel Criteria. By achieving this certification, NJV ATHENS PLAZA demonstrates its commitment to protecting the environment, supporting the local community, and providing sustainable experiences to its guests. The Hotel remains focused on continuously improving its sustainability efforts and setting an example for the hospitality industry.

“We believe in the importance of protecting the environment and positively contributing to the communities in which we operate. This certification is a proof of our long-standing commitment to sustainable tourism,” remarked Vana Lazarakou, General Manager of the Hotel.

“We are thrilled to be GSTC-Certified as it reflects our continuous efforts to be a responsible and sustainable Hotel,” commented Rosa Tsirigoti, CSR Manager of the Hotel

The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) manages the GSTC Criteria, the global standards for sustainable travel and tourism and provides international accreditation for sustainable tourism Certification Bodies.

Accredited means that a Certification Body (CB) has been verified through a rigorous external review from an accreditation body whereby the GSTC provides assurance that the CB awards certification to businesses according to processes that comply with international standards and good practices.

NJV ATHENS PLAZA Achieves the First GSTC Certification in Greece

From left to right: Christos Markopoulos, RoyalCert, General Manager, Vana Lazarakou, NJV Athens Plaza Hotel, General Manager, Rosa Tsirigoti NJV Athens Plaza Hotel, Guest Relations & CSR Manager and Ioannis Pappas Director Mediterranean Region, GSTC

NJV ATHENS PLAZA, through the leadership of the Corporate Responsibility Department, implements sustainable practices in all its activities, including energy and water conservation, waste reduction and recycling programs, purchasing local products and supporting cultural initiatives, while its guests know that their accommodation is in accordance with sustainable tourism standards. 

“The achievement of NJV Athens Plaza is of particular significance for Greece and the entire Mediterranean region, as today’s important certification marks the highlight of a journey that began in 2018, when the Hotel became the 1st GSTC Member in Europe. Today’s certification completes this path of progress. We are confident that the example of NJV ATHENS PLAZA will be pursued by many others, contributing to the transition towards a sustainable future for Greek tourism”, said Dr. Ioannis Pappas, GSTC’s Mediterranean Director.

*Note: The term “GSTC-Certified” is shorthand for “certified by a Certification Body that is GSTC-Accredited”