Public Consultation Open - GSTC Accreditation Manual For Destination Certification Bodies

We invite tourism industry stakeholders to participate in the Public Consultation on the revision of the GSTC Accreditation Manual For Destination Certification Bodies v.2.0, which will run for 100 days starting from today, May 20th, 2024, to August 28th, 2024.

About the GSTC Accreditation Manual For Destination Certification Bodies v.2.0:

The GSTC Accreditation Manual serves as a comprehensive guide for certification bodies seeking accreditation, ensuring adherence to promote sustainability in tourism practices. The Manual covers both the accreditation processes and the requirements for certification bodies. 

The content of the Manual has undergone substantial revision, marked by notable transformations. Presented hereinbelow are the salient revisions for your perusal.

  • Section 16. Expiration and Renewal Process, which addresses expiration and renewal processes in version 1.2, is replaced with 7. Accreditation Expiration and Renewal in Version 2.0.
  • The following sections which take place in version 1.2, 5. Impartiality and Conflict of Interest, 8. Information and Confidentiality, 9. Certification Process, 10. Renewal, Monitoring and Termination of Certification, 11. Appeals and Complaints, and 12. Management System have been combined and extended in Version 2.0, Section 8. Conformity with GSTC Requirements
  • Section 7. Professional Capacity in Version 1.2 was divided into three sections which are: 9. Personnel Competence Criteria, 10. Auditor Qualifications, Knowledge and Skills, and 11. Reviewers and Certification Decision Makers: Qualification, Knowledge, and Skills and the requirements have been extended.
  • Sections 12. Eligibility for Destination Certification and Steps, 13. Ineligibility for Destination Certification, 14. Requirements for Sustainable Destination Management Verification, 15. Requirements for Destination Certification, 19. Level of Requirement, Annex A – GSTC Checklist: Certification Scheme – Certification Body Framework (Normative) and Annex B – Outline of the content of GSTC’s Training for Auditors (Normative) are newly added in Version 2.0. 
[Note: Not all revised clauses are identified in the survey form. You are welcome to make comments on sections and clauses not identified.]

How to Participate in the Public Consultation:

  1. Visit the GSTC Website to obtain information: Access the consultation materials, GSTC-ACCREDITED Administered by GSTC MANUAL v.1.2., GSTC Accreditation Manual For Destination Certification Bodies Version 2.0 (Draft) and the tracker of the GSTC Accreditation Manual v.2.0.
  2. Provide feedback via the online survey or email: By reviewing Version 1.2. (current) and Version 2.0. (draft) send your comment to or use the online survey to share your insights, suggestions, or feedback regarding the sections that have been replaced, extended, or newly added.
  3. Timeline: The Public Consultation is open for 100 days May 20th, 2024 to August 28th, 2024.

GSTC welcomes your feedback year-round. Contact us at

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