The Global Sustainable Tourism Council proudly welcomes the news that longtime GSTC Members and GSTC Recognized Standards, Rainforest Alliance and Travelife, will be teaming up to give travelers more options when booking sustainable accommodations. The two organizations signed an agreement in which all accommodations that meet the criteria of Rainforest Alliance certification for sustainable tourism may also use the certification label of Travelife Hotels & Accommodations.

This is the first strategic agreement in which two GSTC Recognized Standards collaborated to achieve objectives that are mutually beneficial. Both entities are recognized for their alignment with the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria for Hotels and Tour Operators, meaning the certification system meets the baseline standards for what is considered to be sustainable.  The Rainforest Alliance represents one of the strongest names in Latin America and the Caribbean when it comes to sustainability. Similarly, Travelife’s brand recognition is most noticeable in Europe. This innovative partnership allows both organizations to leverage success and combine resources in a way that increases recognition for accommodations that are committed to the principles of sustainability.

“The ability to connect with like-minded organizations and launch partnerships like this is one of the most valuable benefits of being part of the GSTC community. The fact that we are all operating with synchronized criteria has enabled us to reach out to each other, create synergy and order in the marketplace. Before the establishment of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, this would have been more difficult to accomplish”, expressed Ronald Sanabria, Vice President of Sustainable Tourism, Rainforest Alliance.

About Rainforest Alliance

The Rainforest Alliance works with businesses and communities to help them improve their environmental, social and economic practices. Through training and technical assistance, TRA teaches them how to operate sustainably and verify their progress toward this goal. Those enterprises that meet their requirements are eligible to receive promotional benefits, including the use of the Rainforest Alliance Verified™ mark.

About Travelife

Founded in 2007, Travelife is a sustainability certification system that promotes sustainable practices within the travel and tourism industry. Travelife works in partnership with its tour operator members who use the Travelife criteria as a tool to improve sustainability as well as their own supply chain. Travelife provides training, implementation tools and certification for Hotels, Tour Operators & Travel Agents.