Sustainable Travel Can Be Budget-Friendly

///Sustainable Travel Can Be Budget-Friendly

But sustainable tourism doesn’t have to be expensive. Not only that, “it should actually be cheaper,” said Kelly Bricker, vice-chair of the board of directors of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council, or G.S.T.C. “There should be cost savings for doing the right thing. If you’re sourcing locally, reinvesting back into the community, it should be cheaper than if you’re importing from all over the world to create your product.” Not only should traveling sustainably not break the bank — it’s frequently a better, more enjoyable product than its nonsustainable counterpart. I’ve compiled some tips from experts, as well as from my own experiences, and have found that sustainable travel is something nearly all casual tourists can afford.”

Read the full article: Sustainable Travel Can Be Budget-Friendly by Lucas Peterson, Frugal Traveler, New York Times (published: 27 Sep 2017).

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