Sustainable travelling is finding effective ways to be a tourist, without harming the natural surroundings and resources of the place you visit. The emphasis is on reducing our so called ‘footprint’, in this context defined as our personal negative effect on the places we visit. So defined, it also involves considering the impact of tourism on the local people and culture.

This article will discuss a few effective measures which you can employ to help make your own trips more sustainable.

Support eco-friendly organisations: With the recent rise in awareness around issues has come a rise in organizations promoting eco-tourism. The Global Sustainable Tourism Council, for instance, serves as the global accreditation body for sustainability in Travel & Tourism. Another such organization is the Global Ecotourism Network, which encourages social entrepreneurship, assists sustainable tourism development and acts as an advocate for protecting biodiversity. Being aware of, and supporting, the activities of these organisations can help put pressure on more of the travel industry to become more sustainable.

Read the full article: Sustainable Travel – Travel the Smarter Way by Manasa Bramhanya on the University Observer (November 7, 2019)