The GSTC 2014 Board Elections are now open for nominations!

The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) is now welcoming nominations and applications for board members, including self-nominations, now, through July 31. Board members of the GSTC will provide balanced and broad geographical representation, insight, expertise, and commitment to the highest operational authority for the organization, which provides guidance on the standards for sustainable tourism. 

 2014 Board Election Timeline:

July 31 Deadline for submitting Board Election application and materials

August 7 Deadline for the Election Committee will review all nominees

August 14 Ballot posted online/polls open

August 23 Polls closed

August 28 Election Committee will determine election results

August 29 Election Committee will announce results

September 1 Newly elected Board Members will assume their posts

 Election For General Board Positions:

Seven (7) seats on the board are open for election this year, which includes two (2) seats for which current board members seek re-election.

1. Leilani Latimer (Industry, Global)

2. Guy Chester (Supporting Business, East Asia & Pacific)

Separately from those seven general board seats, nominations are also open for the annual election of a representative from the community of certification bodies.

Election for the Board Position Reserved for Representatives from Certification Bodies:

1. Jennifer Seif, nominated for re-election (Certification Representative, Africa)

As you consider all your nominations now and votes later, please adhere to the spirit and the letter of our bylaws whereby we seek balance within the board’s membership regarding member categories and geographic regions. We have a particular need for broader geographic representation. The geographic regions of current board members NOT up for re-election are:

Europe: 6

Americas: 4

East Asia & the Pacific: 4

Africa: 1

Middle East: 0

South Asia: 0

Click Here for Nomination Application

Click here for Rules of Election Process

**Please send nominations including self-nominations to the GSTC’s Chief Executive Officer, Randy Durband at