LuigiThe Coral Triangle Initiative Sustainable Marine Tourism Conference was held in Bali, Indonesia on August 27-29, 2015.  GSTC Chair Luigi Cabrini was one of the plenary panel speakers on Best Practices for Sustainable Marine Tourism as well as in a session on Eco Certification for Sustainable Marine Tourism Businesses.

The conference featured state of the art themes and best practices for responsible tourism including private sector leadership, marketing the Coral Triangle as a sustainable marine tourism destination, and sustainable marine tourism for communities. 

What:  It was a gathering of regional and international industry leaders, eco-tourism practitioners, researchers, and prominent speakers. There were 3 plenary sessions, 10 breakout sessions and 3 invitational working sessions to craft sustainable marine tourism policy recommendations for the Coral Triangle countries. 

Who: Luigi Cabrini, GSTC Chair

When: August 27-29 2015

Where: Bali Nusa Dua Convention Center, Bali Indonesia