St. Kitts Wins CTO-TravelMole 2014 Sustainable Tourism Award for Destination Stewardship

Washington, D.C. (October 21, 2014) GSTC Early Adopter St. Kitts is the 2014 recipient of the Caribbean Tourism Organization (“CTO”) / TravelMole Sustainable Tourism Award for Destination Stewardship.

St. Kitts Ministry of Tourism Permanent Secretary Patricia Martin and Assistant Permanent Secretary Diannille Taylor-Williams accepted the award on behalf of St. Kitts at CTO’s State of the Industry Conference in September. Launched in 2013, the Destination Stewardship honor of the CTO / TravelMole Sustainable Tourism Awards is a new category. St. Kitts is only the second destination ever to win the award.

The CTO Destination Stewardship award goes to a country that demonstrates improved sustainable tourism planning, widespread adoption of good sustainable tourism management practices, multi-stakeholder engagement, preservation of cultural heritage, and protection of the environment, among other achievements. Among St. Kitts’ recognized destination stewardship initiatives included its innovative Inter-Agency Sustainable Destination Management Council (“IASDMC”—pronounced “I as DMC”) launched in November 2013; its cross-sector engagement of stakeholders and capacity building in destination stewardship; and the destination’s participation in the GSTC Early Adopter program.

On receiving the award, Permanent Secretary Patricia Martin remarked: “We are working very hard to achieve sustained growth in visitor arrivals to obtain optimal long-term benefits for the population, without adversely affecting the country’s cultural heritage and natural resources.”

When contacted for comment, Assistant Permanent Secretary Diannille Taylor-Williams, who herself has played many roles in travel and tourism for the past 27 years–over 18 years at the St. Kitts Ministry of Tourism– added: “Our work over the last decade in destination stewardship is only the beginning. St. Kitts’ future, the quality of our visitor experience, and the prosperity of our residents depend on our sustained commitment to destination stewardship. Our IASDMC motto speaks volumes. Sustainable destination management is truly ‘Good for us. Better for all.'”

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*Pictured in the Photo: Permanent Secretary Patricia Martin and Assistant Permanent Secretary Diannille Taylor-Williams receiving the award.