Fiji’s Tourism Super Week, held from April 30th to May 3rd, brought together industry leaders, local businesses, and international experts to discuss and promote sustainable tourism. Hosted by Tourism Fiji, the event featured a series of workshops, panel discussions, and networking opportunities designed to provide participants with new insights and knowledge in the tourism industry.

The week began with a focus on sustainability and adventure travel. Alitia Bainivalu, Assistant Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation (MTCA), delivered the keynote address. Dr. Kelly Bricker, Vice-Chair of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), Professor and Director at Arizona State University, attended as a guest speaker and presented “Fostering Sustainable Tourism: The Intersection of Ecotourism, Adventure Tourism, and Community Empowerment in the Pacific Region.” 

GSTC was present at Fiji’s Tourism Super Week Dr. Bricker also contributed her expertise to the panel discussion “Sustainable Practices in Adventure Tourism: Lessons from Global and Local Leaders” and moderated the session “Exploring Sustainable Tourism in Fiji and the South Pacific: Opportunities, Challenges, and Pathways for Growth.”  She also led one of the four workshops, “Strategic Partnerships for Sustainable Tourism Success: Working with Communities and Stakeholders.”

“Fiji is an amazing country – culture and the natural environment are treasures to behold.  It was a spectacular week of knowledge sharing – it is clear to me that Fiji will continue to lead in sustainable development and management of tourism.  Notwithstanding challenges, there is a sincere interest in ensuring that Fiji’s natural and cultural capital are here for generations to come.  I was so impressed by the knowledge and commitment to sustainability – yet it was also clear that all stakeholders, including government, industry, and residents, must formulate a national strategy to ensure Fiji’s amazing assets are conserved.  It was indeed a pleasure to take part in an incredible event organized by Tourism Fiji,” said Dr. Kelly Bricker.

The event also included a Cruise Symposium Conference focusing on the future of cruise tourism in Fiji.  Dr. Bricker, along with colleagues Sunishma Singh, Sustainability Officer of Tourism Fiji, Allison Haworth West, Executive Chair of Captain Cook Cruises, Joel Katz, Managing Director of Cruise Lines International Association (CLIA) Australasia, discussed the latest trends and sustainable practices essential for the sustainable growth of this sector.

Fiji’s Tourism Super Week provided a valuable platform for industry stakeholders to gather together and exchange ideas, forge new partnerships, and drive forward the sustainable growth of the tourism sector.

The GSTC2025 Global Conference will take place in Fiji from the 5th to the 8th of August 2025. For those interested in gaining insight into GSTC Conferences, you may view photographs and session recordings from previous events below:

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