There has been some talk about the GSTC not being responsive to criticism. We’d like to address this and then get back to the collaborative work of helping the travel and tourism sector protect destinations, reduce poverty and create equitable and productive markets.

The GSTC takes feedback and criticism seriously. We posted an open letter in response to some of the concerns that have been raised. We’ve also held personal meetings with our strongest critics in order to hear their concerns and to help correct misconceptions about the mission of the GSTC. Many of our critics, but certainly not all, have in the end become champions of the work the GSTC is doing.

We welcome open, honest dialogue and have done so since the beginning of the GSTC Criteria development process. We now have even more ways for members and non-members alike to raise concerns, ask questions and make their voices heard. For the general public there is Facebook, Twitter and our Blog. Additionally, anyone can provide their feedback on the Criteria in our ongoing survey, open for over two years.

Members also have the additional venue of our Members Only section of the GSTC website to engage in dialogue and debate, the opportunity to join working groups to help drive the direction of the organization and the Annual Meeting (coming up at the end of June) to engage with the GSTC Board and other members.

As always, we welcome your feedback. In the coming weeks, we will spend time on the TRAVEL FOREVER blog addressing some of the issues that have been raised about the GSTC Criteria and try to clear up some misunderstandings.

If there is anything specific you would like to see covered please let us know!