Based in Quito, Ecuador, CarpeDM Adventures is an adventure company committed to meeting the needs of the community, clients and business partners through innovative programs that enhance the delivery of quality adventure travel. Building the social consciousness of the world one tour at a time, CarpeDM adapted the “DM” in CarpeDM to represent “Doing More”. Since inception, CarpeDM always believed that giving back to the community would always be part of doing business. In 2014, they took the “Doing More” philosophy one step further by implementing the 3.3.3 Program. Inspired by the simple idea: of leveraging, product, equity and time. Taking a page out of the Salesforce Foundation handbook, CarpeDM adopted the giving back philosophy into their own by increasing the percentage of company commitment. CarpeDM hopes to continue to grow the 3.3.3. Program while inspiring other businesses to follow suit, as there is no better feeling in the world. It’s easy to get started and the benefits grow exponentially as a company grows.

The 3.3.3 Program


 3% staff time during company hours is spent supporting a non-profit initiative      that they feel is near and dear to the heart. As a team of 5, CarpeDM staff commit 60    hours each per year to the following projects: VillaTicca Foundation, which  provides childcare to poor families in the south of Quito; Senior support at Ancianos  de Cotocollao, Casa Hogar Conocoto and PROVIDA; In the next year, staff time will  also be spent volunteering to help neglected animals in the city.

 3% profit get funneled back into community projects and events that are important   to staff. Since CarpeDM is a small company in a developing country, contributions    are not as high as most would expect but they are still proud to have contributed over $2,000 US in several initiatives over the year. This past year, CarpeDM provided a micro-loan to an indigenous community in the Amazon, and then donated the money instead of asking for it back. For Mother’s Day CarpeDM staff combined a special excursion for seniors to the Equator full of fun activities and food. Over Christmas staff visited villages outside of Quito to provide gifts, clothes, and school supplies for the children of the community. CarpeDM strives to visit areas where no support is usually given.

3% product is leveraged that directly benefits the community. CarpeDM currently manages one program that is 100% community based. All generated revenue for this program goes directly to the community. The Tschallias of Santo Domingo is an indigenous community that CarpeDM works with and actively sends travelers to. A 2-day program allows travelers to have an authentic experience with the community and experience their culture first hand. CarpeDM staff also volunteers time to translate for the groups that decide to visit for no additional cost. For 2 days the cost is $50 US and travelers must pay their own transport to get to the community. The family provides; meals, activities and accommodation.


In their commitment to grow community-based programs, CarpeDM is currently in the process of finalizing contracts to partner with the Caiman Lodge in the Cuyabeno Reserve. The Cuyabeno Reserve is the second largest reserve of the 45 national parks and protected areas in Ecuador. Home to more than 5 Indigenous communities, the plots of land owned by the indigenous groups are leased over a 10-year period to businesses that agree to build lodges and promote the area. In addition, the families that own the land are guaranteed that they will be allowed to work using their canoes to transport groups up and down the river and throughout the duration of the tours. Also part of the cultural experience includes visiting the local family to share traditional customs. CarpeDM hopes by the beginning of March to officially be a partner of the Caiman Eco-Lodge, which will solidify continued commitment to support the local community through the 3.3.3 program.