The beauty of the GSTC is that it is a collaborative effort. All of our members have undertaken activities or represent companies who have undertaken activities to support the advancement of Sustainable Tourism. We are inclusive organization and we work hard to reach out to build partnerships.

Making sustainable tourism mainstream is not something that can be achieved alone. We must all work together to find collaborative ways to make it happen.  If we all work together in the same direction we will see exponentially growth and adoption. Every single effort done is this field is a necessary effort.  The problem is too big for only one entity.

We invite everyone interested in finding solutions to join the GSTC Council to continue the hard work. Everyone involved in the GSTC Council is sincerely committed to these issues and we are working hard to bring clarity, transparency, integrity and common ground to the table.

If membership is not for you, we invite you to engage in our open feedback process. We will communicate when the comment periods are open and we welcome and review all feedback provided.

The GSTC – Mainstreaming Sustainable Tourism.