Tahiti Tourisme has joined as a Member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC)

The Islands of Tahiti is a destination composed of 118 islands and atolls in 5 archipelagos. The islands are world-renowned for their white sand beaches, turquoise lagoons, varied landscapes ranging from coral atolls to volcanic mountain peaks, as well as the warm and welcoming local population. Friendliness is part of the Polynesian character, it is part of the Mana of The Islands of Tahiti. Each island offers a variety of accommodation experiences from luxurious resorts with overwater villas, to Tahitian Guesthouses, to sailing via private charter or scheduled cruise. Privacy comes naturally in The Islands of Tahiti, one of the few untouched sanctuaries left in the world where visitors can relax, reconnect, and experience Mana, the life force and spirit that flows through everything.

Tahiti Tourisme is the Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) of French Polynesia, known as The Islands of Tahiti. It oversees all marketing, advertising, public relations promotions, events and travel trade programs globally.

Sustainable Tourism Development in Tahiti

Fāri’ira’a Manihini 2027 (or FM27) is the tourism development strategy that in the next five years seeks to position The Islands of Tahiti as the leading destination in the Pacific for inclusive and sustainable tourism. It is a critical roadmap that was co-constructed with the local population as well as public and private tourism stakeholders in a collaborative approach initiated by the Ministry of Tourism of French Polynesia. As this roadmap is about to be officially adopted by the authorities of French Polynesia, Tahiti Tourisme is joining the GSTC as a member in support of this strategy.

« Everyone has their own way of defining and approaching the implementation of sustainable tourism. Referring to the GSTC Criteria means using a global reference framework to be applied at the scale of a tourism company or destination. Since The Islands of Tahiti is committed to the development of inclusive and sustainable tourism, it was important to start by training my executive committee to master this standard, » said Jean-Marc Mocellin, CEO of Tahiti Tourisme.

At the same time, on a regional level, Tahiti Tourisme is also participating in the work initiated by the South Pacific Tourism Organization (SPTO) for the development of the Pacific Sustainable Tourism Policy Framework 2030, a strategy for sustainable tourism in the Pacific.

Work is currently underway to define the criteria for this strategy, also based on the GSTC Criteria. The ambition is that the 21 member countries of SPTO, including The Islands of Tahiti, will be able to use this work to adapt it to their own needs and thus deploy a strategy based on a common vision for the Pacific region.

For the time being, and on a local level, Tahiti Tourisme is currently working with the Polynesian authorities and Agence de l’Environnement et de la Maîtrise de l’Énergie (ADEME) to conduct a study of the carbon footprint of the tourism sector of French Polynesia. « In fact, this audit will not only give us a factual picture of the existing situation, but will also allow us to set concrete objectives and priorities in terms of actions to be taken, » concludes Jean-Marc Mocellin, CEO of Tahiti Tourisme.

GSTC Welcomes Tahiti Tourisme

« We are delighted to have Tahiti Tourisme as a member, becoming an active contributor to the essential work the GSTC is doing to achieve global adoption of universal principles of sustainable tourism, » said Randy Durband, GSTC CEO. « Even before becoming a member of the GSTC, Tahiti Tourisme had already shown its commitment by training its executive committee, which has effectively completed the Sustainable Travel Course from the Sustainable Tourism Training Program (STTP). »

GSTC encourages destinations pursuing sustainability practices in tourism to join as GSTC members. Apply the GSTC Destination Criteria and support local businesses to apply the GSTC Industry Criteria. Destinations can eventually aim for achieving certification by a GSTC-Accredited Certification Body as a sustainable tourist destination.

About Tahiti Tourisme

Tahiti Tourisme is the Destination Marketing Organization (DMO) for The Islands of Tahiti, overseeing all marketing and advertising actions, public relations, promotions, events and travel agent training programs globally. With a primary mission to bring visitors to The Islands of Tahiti, this Economic Interest Group is comprised of a Tahiti-based head office and 9 international offices promoting the destination across 20 international markets. Tahiti Tourisme also runs the visitors’ welcome and information desks and organizes local events to promote domestic tourism.

Find out more at www.TahitiTourisme.org