GSTC Sustainability Leadership Training in PortugalThe GSTC Sustainability Leadership Workshop in Lisbon, Portugal, was organized by Erasmus Mundus Association in collaboration with ISCTE Business School and Erasmus+ Student and Alumni Alliance (ESAA), funded by the European Union.

The two-day training, on the 7th and 8th of September 2023, was tailored to empower young leaders with market-driven and quality-assured skills to tackle sustainability challenges in the tourism sector. Led by GSTC Trainer, Dr. Michaela Hölz, who shared her knowledge and expertise with practical examples and valuable insights.

The workshop aimed to foster thought leadership and develop practical solutions for a sustainable future in tourism.

GSTC Sustainability Leadership Training in PortugalParticipants gained in-depth knowledge about the GSTC Criteria and sustainable tourism practices. The workshop covered the topics around: Understanding Sustainability, Sustainability Measurement Criteria, Measuring Impact, Sustainability & Effective Communication and Co-designing Strategies for a Sustainable Future.

Upon successful course completion, participants receive a certificate of completion and become eligible to take an optional official exam to obtain the GSTC Professional Certificate in Sustainable Tourism.