Valamar Riviera has joined as a Member of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC)

For more than six decades, Valamar Riviera has been providing tourist experiences, services, and offers in destinations along the Adriatic coast — Istria, the islands of Krk, Rab and Hvar, Makarska, Dubrovnik, and Obertauern, Austria — through a diverse portfolio of 37 hotels and resorts and 15 camping resorts. 

Valamar operates about 12 percent of the total categorized accommodation in Croatia and can welcome about 57,000 guests daily in its accommodations.

Sustainability in Valamar Riviera

Valamar’s ESG goals follow their business strategy and were set for the period up to 2026 to ensure that long-term to medium-term results were met and that the impact of business activities and initiatives was measurable, transparent, and accountable. Valamar measures over 80 ESG KPIs and focuses on two key goals: decarbonization in the first and second scope and investing in the community. 

Valamar aims to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 75% by 2026 compared to 2015 levels, targeting 2.1 kg per occupied accommodation unit. The company plans to increase the share of electricity from solar energy to 15%, continuing to invest in renewable energy through long-term partnerships. Valamar is committed to maintaining high sea quality standards, measured by the Blue Flag certification, and focuses on reforestation, managing over 80,000 trees. Additionally, Valamar aims to achieve recycling rates higher than the EU average, maintain low water withdrawal intensity, and eliminate single-use plastics across its properties.

Valamar also focuses on employing and retaining domestic workers, providing opportunities for their personal and professional development. Valamar plans to invest a total of EUR 50 million in ESG initiatives by 2026, including projects for employee well-being, destination development, and community support. In 2023, EUR 13.5 million was invested in tourism infrastructure, cultural events, and environmental projects. 

Valamar prioritizes sustainable production and procurement. This includes the selection of products from recycled or recyclable materials, products using a smaller amount of packaging, and products bearing relevant sustainability labels. Valamar delivers its Quality and Sustainable Business Policies to all suppliers and is working towards sourcing 80% of its procurement from responsible suppliers, encouraging sustainable business practices throughout its supply chain. Read more in their Sustainability Report 2023 here.

“Joining GSTC underscores Valamar’s sustainability commitment. Valamar is recognised as a leader in environmental protection and sustainable development in tourism in its destination.100% of properties in Valamar have ISO 9001, Quality management system, ISO 14001 environment management system and ISO 50001 energy management system. The grand majority of our hotels and resorts are certified by GSTC-accredited certification bodies, which proves Valamar’s dedication to accomplishing the highest sustainability standards.” says Tea Pestotnik Prebeg, Quality and Sustainability Sector Director at Valamar.

GSTC Welcomes Valamar Riviera 

“We welcome Valamar Riviera as a member of GSTC and congratulate them on their commitment to sustainable tourism development. We believe that every member has the potential to play a significant role in advancing sustainability in their region,” says Randy Durband, CEO of GSTC.

About Valamar Riviera 

Valamar Riviera is a leading tourism company that operates hotels, resorts and camping resorts along the Adriatic coast – in Istria, on the islands of Krk and Rab, in Makarska and in Dubrovnik. Valamar is a large investor in tourism with over HRK 4 billion invested in the development and improvement of its portfolio. Valamar operates about 12 percent of the total categorized accommodation in Croatia and can welcome about 57,000 guests daily in its 34 hotels and resorts and 15 camping resorts.

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About the GSTC

The Global Sustainable Tourism Council® (GSTC®) establishes and manages global sustainable standards, known as the GSTC Criteria. There are three sets: Destination Criteria for public policy-makers and destination managers, Industry Criteria for Hotels and Tour Operators, and MICE Criteria for Venues, Event Organizers, and Events & Exhibitions. These are the guiding principles and minimum requirements that any tourism business or destination should aspire to reach in order to protect and sustain the world’s natural and cultural resources while ensuring tourism meets its potential as a tool for conservation and poverty alleviation.

The GSTC Criteria form the foundation for GSTC’s assurance role for Certification Bodies that certify hotels/accommodations, tour operators, and destinations as having sustainable policies and practices in place. GSTC does not directly certify any products or services, but provides accreditation to those that do. The GSTC is an independent and neutral USA-registered 501(c)3 non-profit organization that represents a diverse and global membership, including national and provincial governments, leading travel companies, hotels, tour operators, NGOs, individuals and communities – all striving to achieve best practices in sustainable tourism.

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