GSTC Training Combined with the ACSTDM Programme, University of Colombo-Sri Lanka

The University of Colombo offers an Advanced Certificate Course in Sustainable Tourism Destination Management (ACSTDM) combined with the GSTC Sustainable Tourism Course, preparing students for leadership roles in tourism organizations looking to commit to sustainable tourism practices in Sri Lanka.

“The University of Colombo has taken the lead in introducing the GSTC Sustainable Tourism Course as part of its formal curriculum. Despite the challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic, the course was launched successfully by Professor DAC Suranga Silva. We would like to express our gratitude to him, as well as to Mr. Chinthana Duminduhewa, GSTC Trainer and Mr. Upali Ratnayake, Mr. Vajira Rathnayaka and Mr. Bandula Sumith for their leadership as GSTC Co-Trainers. The introduction of this course is vital to the university’s mission to nurture sustainable tourism leaders. Its long-term impact is expected to be significant. We hope that this initiative will inspire more universities to follow suit and introduce the GSTC Sustainable Tourism Training Course,” said Dr. Mihee Kang, GSTC Global Assurance Director and Asia-Pacific Director.

“Sri Lanka Tourism currently grapples with the challenge of lacking a comprehensive approach that should maximize economic benefits, maintain ecological balance, and ensure community well-being, identified as the trio-fundamental requirement, for sustainable tourism development. By addressing this national requirement in Sri Lanka Tourism, the Advanced Certificate in Sustainable Tourism Destination Management (ACSTDM) has been introduced as an interdisciplinary training and study programme through the support of UNDP and guidance from GSTC under its main objectives of equipping the industry practitioners and decision-makers with the skills needed to integrate sustainability practices effectively envisioning and nurturing the industry leaders capable enough of steering tourism organizations and institutions towards responsible and sustainable tourism practices. It is needed to transform our tourism industry as a decisive catalyst for inclusive and integrated sustainable development in Sri Lanka, aligning with the emerging trends in global tourism demands”, said Prof. DAC Suranga Siva, Coordinator/Head of Sustainable Tourism Unit, University of Colombo-Sri Lanka.

The ACSTDM provides strategic management skills and competencies in sustainable destination management along with practical applications. Designed for tourism professionals who wish to advance their careers in sustainable tourism management. The course also offers an excellent opportunity to gain in-depth knowledge about the GSTC Criteria and sustainable tourism practices, helping participants prepare concrete steps to developing viable and actionable sustainable tourism practices.

Upon successful course completion, participants become eligible to take the official exam to obtain the GSTC Professional Certificate in Sustainable Tourism.

The trainers who led the course were the GSTC Lead Trainers: Professor Suranga Silva and Mr Chinthana Dumuduhewa. In total, 12 trainees, who have been working in the tourism industry for many years and in management positions implementing sustainability in their organizations, were awarded the certificates for the successful completion of ACSTDM programme.

Awarding Ceremony successfully concluded

GSTC Training Combined with the ACSTDM Programme, University of Colombo-Sri Lanka

The Sustainable Tourism Unit and the Department of Economics, University of Colombo have successfully completed the awarding ceremony for the Advanced Certificate in Sustainable Tourism and Destination Management (ACSTDM) Programme, and the Professional Certificate in Sustainable Tourism from the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) on the 22nd of November 2023 at the University of Colombo.

The event unfolded with the distinguished Chief Guest for the ceremony, the Vice-Chancellor, University of Colombo, Senior Professor H.D. Karunarathne also with the notable speakers included Vidya Jyothi Professor Emeritus Sarath Kotagama, Professor Chandana Auluthge (Head – Department of Economics), Mr. Ramitha Wijetunga (National Programme Officer, UNDP), and Mr. Upali Rathnakake (Head, Sustainable Tourism Unit-SLTDA). Dr. Mihee Kang sent a video congratulating them on behalf of the GSTC.

About the GSTC Sustainable Tourism Training Program (STTP)

The GSTC Sustainable Tourism Training Program (STTP) offers opportunities throughout the year for tourism professionals interested and engaged in sustainability. With the aim of strengthening awareness of sustainable tourism in destinations around the world, the training program covers global trends in sustainable tourism and sustainability best practices for businesses and destinations. More information can be found here.