GSTC Working Groups

The Working Groups are made up of a group of GSTC Members working together with a focus on an area that needs special attention. Their efforts are vital to the organization as they prepare an annual action plan followed by actions by the members of the Working Group.

Destination Stewardship Working Group (DSWG)

This Working Group aims at assisting destinations in maintaining their cultural, environmental and socio-economic integrity through the implementation of the GSTC Destinations Program. The overall goal is to ensure that destinations retain and enhance their distinctive attributes that makes them attractive to beneficial tourism and competitive. Current members:

  • Rachel McCaffery – Director, Green Case Consulting (Chair) [UK]
  • Tiffany Chan – Destinations Coordinator, GSTC (Vice-Chair) [Canada]
  • Kathleen Pessolano, GSTC Destination Program Director [USA]
  • Aditi Chanchani, Tourism Researcher and Consultant [India]
  • Bradd Morse, Canopy Consulting Inc [USA]
  • Frosso Dimitrakopoulou, Ecoclub [Greece]
  • Dr. Ioannis Pappas [Greece]
  • Jana Apih, Good Place [Slovenia]
  • Jim Sano, WWF [USA]
  • Jonathan Tourtellot (Co-Chair) [USA]
  • Dr. Jonathon Day, Purdue University [USA]
  • Jorge Moller, Regenera ONG [Chile]
  • Dr. Kelly Bricker, Arizona State University [USA]
  • Lena Allen, Arizona Office of Tourism [USA]
  • Mafila Richard Malesu, Botswana Tourism Organization [Botswana]
  • Dr. Mihee Kang [Korea]
  • Nicola Koschel, WWF [Germany]
  • Patricio Diaz, ITR/Biosphere [Spain]
  • Randy Durband, CEO, GSTC [Korea]
  • Tatiana Agudelo Monguí [Colombia]
  • Timothy O’Donoghue, Riverwind Foundation [USA]
  • Prof. Urs Wagenseil, Institute of Tourism – Lucerne University of Applied Sciences and Arts [Switzerland]

Research & Academic Working Group (RAWG)

Supports the GSTC’s activities relation to internal and external communications, curation of content, knowledge management, and networking. Current members:

  • Dr. Jonathon Day (Chair), Purdue University [USA]
  • Ailin Fei, Purdue University [USA]
  • Beatriz P Soto [France]
  • Cher Chua-Lassalvy, Batu Batu Tengah Island & Tengah Island Conservation [Malaysia]
  • Chi Lo, Travelife [USA]
  • Dr. Christina T. Cavaliere, Colorado State University [USA]
  • Dr. David Randle, University of South Florida [USA]
  • Emi Kaiwa, GSTC Membership Coordinator [Japan]
  • Frida Bahja, University of Central Florida [USA]
  • Jonathan Tourtellot, Destination Stewardship Center [USA]
  • Dr. Kelly Bricker, Arizona State University [USA]
  • Dr. Kimberly Langmaid, Walking Mountains Science Center [USA]
  • Dr. Ivana Damnjanovic, Singidunum University [Serbia]
  • Antje Martins, University of Queensland, Business School [Australia]
  • Manuel Julien Miroglio, Technological University of Leon [Mexico]
  • Tiffany Chan, GSTC Communications Coordinator [Canada]
  • Tiffany Rhodes, Jonson and Wales University [Wales]
  • Tina H. Zakonjšek, Good Place [Slovenia]
  • Beatriz Barreal, Sustainable Riviera Maya [Mexico]
  • Carolin Lusby, Florida International University [USA]
  • Pedro Moncada Jimenez, Universidad del Caribe [Mexico]

Business Travel Working Group (BTWG)

The Business Travel Working Group (BTWG) seeks to reach new audiences and attract membership among Corporate Travel Managers (CTM), Corporate Travel Program (CTP), and suppliers. While most destinations and hotels accommodate both tourists and business clients, it is important to acknowledge the specialized needs and opportunities in the business market. The BTWG enables GSTC to better address these and ensure sustainability criteria are relevant in the corporate and business travel sector.

  • Aryphone Belly [France]
  • Benjamin Wong, Tricolage [Japan]
  • Bernard Harrop [Spain]
  • Lynne Good [UK]
  • Viola Vorstoffel [Germany]

MICE Working Group (MICE WG)

The MICE (Meeting, Incentives, Conventions, Events) Working Group focus in 2023 will be to support the GSTC MICE Criteria development process. The expertise of its members is important to the process. Other goals are to seeks reaching new audiences and attract membership from the MICE world.

  • Roi Ariel, GSTC General Manager [Taiwan]
  • Bernard Harrop [Spain]
  • Rebecca Bartlett-Jones, Green Key Global [Canada]
  • Shiva Segaram [Malaysia]
  • Terue Ishige [Japan]

Italy Working Group (Italy WG)

With many GSTC Members active in Italy trying to work together to promote the GSTC framework, a dedicated Working Group focused on activities in Italy was established with the following organizations:

  • Stefano Ravelli, APT Valsugana [Chair]
  • Federica Bosco, Etifor [Vice-chair]
  • Stefanie Prieth, IDM
  • Claudia Gioitti, Consorzio il Tarvisiano
  • Filippo De Agostini, S. Vigilio
  • Livia Muto Nardone, Ecoluxury
  • Enrico Ducrot, Viaggi dell’Elefante
  • Max Nagler, Alta Badia
  • Stefania Zanuso, Ways Srl SB – VIRTOU
  • Robert Kropfitsch, Territori Sostenibili
  • Paola Fattori, Ekita
  • Lara Citon, Hospitality Team Srl Soc. Benefit
  • Paola Fagioli, Legambiente

Find more information on GSTC Italy WG here.

India Working Group (India WG)

As the name suggests, the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) is truly global. As such, we have a dedicated Director and a Working Group focused on India. More info on GSTC in India.

  • Aditi Chanchani, Tourism Researcher and Consultant (Chair)
  • CB Ramkumar, GSTC Board Member & South Asia Director
  • Rajesh Nambiar, CEO and Chief Consultant, Provork

International Standards Committee (ISC)

Through this Committee (formerly a Working Group), the GSTC strives to promote sustainable tourism through the adoption and creation of universal principles for sustainable tourism. The standard setting strategy focuses on the management and revision of the current version of the Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria and the creation or adaptation and distribution of additional criteria, standards and relevant indicators. Current members:

  • Dr. Kelly Bricker (Co-Chair), Arizona State University, GSTC Board of Directors [USA]
  • Richard Denman (Co-Chair) [UK]
  • Dr. Anna Spenceley [PNG]
  • Ayfer Adigûzel, RoyalCert [Turkiye]
  • Brianda Lopez, Hosteling International [UK]
  • Eric Ricaurte, Greenview [Singapore]
  • Heidi van der Watt [New Zealand]
  • Ingunn Sørnes, Innovation Norway [Norway]
  • Jorge Moller, Regenera ONG [Chile]
  • Nicola Koschel, WWF [Germany]
  • Nicolas Dubrocard, Solutions Tourism [Hong Kong]
  • Nikolas Bakaris [Greece]
  • Melinda Watt, EarthCheck [Australia]

Previous Working Groups

The following were Working Groups that are no longer active: Communications & Marketing Working Group (CMWG), Market Access Working Group (MAWG),

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