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GSTC Members can join members-only webinars, that share the most up-to-date knowledge on sustainable tourism. The webinars are presented by GSTC staff as well as GSTC members

The webinars and meetings are an opportunity to actively network and connect with fellow members from around the world, sustainable tourism professionals and stakeholders.

We encourage members to take advantage of the various education and training opportunities available through the GSTC, and to continue seeking knowledge and tools to improve your sustainable tourism practices.

Upcoming Webinars for GSTC Members:

Sustainable Destination Norway (English)

Ingunn Sørnes, Special Adviser, Innovation Norway

September 20, 2017 9:00am-10:00am CEST


Jorge Moller 120

New Developments: Sustainable Tourism in Chile and Latin America (English)

Jorge Moller, GSTC Board and Chile/Argentina Country Representative



Interested in presenting?

Members that are interested in delivering webinars can contact GSTC General Manager, Roi Ariel, at roi@gstcouncil.org to discuss further details.



Past Webinars for GSTC Members:

Date & Time
Title Speaker Language Watch
Jan 18, 2017
9am-10am CET
Launching “GSTC Integrity”: What does it mean? Randy Durband 100Randy Durband, GSTC CEO English N/A
Jan 18, 2017
4pm-5pm CET
Launching “GSTC Integrity”: What does it mean? Randy Durband 100Randy Durband, GSTC CEO English N/A
Jan 19, 2017
3pm-4pm CET
Lanzamiento de “GSTC Integrity”: Qué significa? Andres Fellenberg 100Andrés Fellenberg v.d. Molen, GSTC Thecnical Director Español N/A
Jan 24, 2017
4pm-5pm CET
Sustainable Destination Management, Case Study from Brazil GSTC Trainer DArcy Dornan 100Dr. D’Arcy Dornan, GSTC Brazil Country Representative English recorded video
Feb 7, 2017
9am-10am CET
Sustainable Tourism in China: Developments in the Pandas’ Wolong National Nature Reserve, Sichuan, China Lewis 180Dr. Lewis Cheung, Infinity (Int’l) Travel Lead Trainer English Members-only
Feb 21, 2017
4pm-5pm CET
Sustainable Tourism Certification in Africa: Water and Waste Practices by Hotels Anna Spenceley 120Dr. Anna Spenceley, GSTC Accreditation Panel English Members-only
March 1, 2017
4pm-5pm CET
Demanda, motivaciones y perfil del viajero de Turismo Sostenible Susana Conde 100Susana Conde, GSTC Board and Spain Country Representative Español Members-only
March 8, 2017
4pm-5pm CET
Destination Council for Sustainability: Experience from Riviera Maya Beatriz Barreal 120Beatriz Barreal Danel, GSTC Board and Mexico Country Representative English Members-only
March 23, 2017
9am-10am CET
Six Financial Benefits of Good Sustainability Marketing Xavier Font 120Dr. Xavier Font, University of Surrey, Travindy English Members-only
May 8, 2017
9:30am-10:30am CEST
Sustainable Management: Lessons Learnt from the Asia Pacific Region GSTC Trainer Antje MartinsAntje Martins, GSTC Trainer / Training & Corporate Project Manager, EarthCheck English Recorded video

Presentation slides

May 4, 2017
4pm-5pm CET
GSTC Sustainable Destinations Program Pessolan 100x100Kathleen Pessolano, GSTC Destinations Program Director English Members-only
 May 16, 2017
4pm-5pm CET
 Increasing Market Access for your Certified Sustainable Hotels Irene Lane, GSTC Market Access Working Group Chair  English Members-only
May 24, 2017
4pm-5pm CEST
 Consejo de Destinos para la Sostenibilidad: Experiencia de Riviera Maya Beatriz Barreal 120Beatriz Barreal Danel, GSTC Board and Mexico Country Representative Español Members-only
 May 25, 2017
9am-10am CEST
GSTC Integrity Program updates – Recognized, Approved, Accredited Randy Durband 100Randy Durband, GSTC CEO  English N/A
June 12, 2017
4:30pm-5:30pm CEST
Leading Sustainable Tourism Destinations: STTP Case Studies Ayako Ezaki, Training Director, GSTC Sustainable Tourism Training Program (STTP)

Ioannis Pappas 120Dr. Ioannis Pappas, Co-Founder & CEO, Green Evolution SA / GSTC Greece Country Representative

English recorded video

presentation slides

  June 21, 2017
4pm-5pm CET
 From GSTC Early Adopter to StartUp: Engaging Local Stakeholders in Sustainable Tourism Development (Jackson Hole & Yellowstone)  Tim O’Donoghue, Riverwind Foundation Executive Director  English Members-only