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11 11, 2011

The GSTC Process: A Balancing Act

2017-06-26T08:24:27+08:00noviembre 11th, 2011|

The Global Sustainable Tourism Council announced the launch of the GSTC Process this week. This announcement marks the culmination of over two years of work by dedicated volunteers, consultants and general practitioners of travel. The Process itself is accomplished in three stages. First, standard owners or hotels and businesses that have created their [...]

17 10, 2011

The Value of Standards

2011-10-17T15:20:41+08:00octubre 17th, 2011|

By Erika Harms, Executive Director - Global Sustainable Tourism Council As you can imagine, the value of standards is something that is part of my day-to-day thoughts. Last Thursday, heading to the office, I read an article written by Olivier Peyrat, Chair of the ISO Committee on conformity assessment, called “International Standards – How do [...]

4 10, 2011

GSTC Board Member, Hervé Houdré, Co-Edits New Book

2011-10-04T14:47:20+08:00octubre 4th, 2011|

By Hervé Houdré, GSTC board member / Chair of the International Standards Working Group Recently I co-edited a book titled "Hotel Sustainable Development, Principles & Best Practices" with AJ Singh, Associate Professor at Michigan State University. The book presents 21 chapters written by experts, hoteliers and academics on their experience of Sustainable Development principles adapted [...]

27 09, 2011

World Tourism Day Celebrated with Global Sustainable Tourism Council!

2011-09-27T01:01:40+08:00septiembre 27th, 2011|

By Leilani Latimer,  Sabre Holdings and GSTC Board Member Today is World Tourism Day – a day dedicated to fostering awareness about the importance of tourism and its social, cultural, political and economic value – and this year’s theme is “linking cultures”. “In a global environment marked by rising intolerance and cross-cultural tensions, [...]

9 09, 2011

Lend Your Voice To Shape The Future of Sustainable Tourism!

2011-09-09T20:59:09+08:00septiembre 9th, 2011|

By Amos Bien, GSTC Technical Director The Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria (GSTC Criteria) were an enormous step forward when they were launched in 2008. They are a synthesis of more than 20 years' work, by hundreds of people and institutions from around the world in what sustainability signifies in tourism. Moreover, the great [...]

13 07, 2011

GSTC Board Elections Close Friday!

2011-07-13T18:28:41+08:00julio 13th, 2011|

Thank you very much to those members who have voted! There is still plenty of time for those of you who have yet to cast your ballot! To cast your ballot log in to the Members Only section (click the big button above with the footprint). Please send an email to GSTCmember@unfoundation.org if you need [...]

11 07, 2011

GSTC Board Candidate: Zachary Rabinor

2011-07-11T18:43:47+08:00julio 11th, 2011|

The mission of promoting sustainable tourism practices around the world is something I have been committed to and lived for over 20 years, as a traveler, a tour leader, an international teacher and now as the Founder and President of an award winning Travel Company working on the ground daily to practice what we preach.  [...]

11 07, 2011

GSTC Board Candidate: Jorge De Vicente

2011-07-11T16:36:22+08:00julio 11th, 2011|

Dear fellow GSTC members: This is Jorge De Vicente. It was very nice meeting many of you at the GSTC Membership Annual Meeting in Barcelona, Spain. To those of you who could not make it, you missed a wonderful selection of paellas...I still dream of them!! As a candidate to the GSTC Board, I will [...]

11 07, 2011

GSTC Board Candidate: Damian Bell

2011-07-11T15:23:31+08:00julio 11th, 2011|

Damian Bell July 11th 2011- Arusha, Tanzania. Looking out of my office window from a parched hill, in Arusha facing south to Lokisale and the Maasai steppe, I see what great challenges we all have. This year the rains have failed, the landscape is red and dry already and we are just starting [...]

11 07, 2011

GSTC Board Candidate: Leilani Latimer

2011-07-11T15:12:50+08:00julio 11th, 2011|

We all know the old adage – Information is Power. With broad and global access to information via the internet and the increasing use of social media, we are experiencing a shift in the distribution of information, and hence the distribution of power. Never before have consumers and individuals had more information, and [...]

11 07, 2011

GSTC Board Candidate: Santiago Soler

2011-07-11T15:06:32+08:00julio 11th, 2011|

The Multilateral Investment Fund (MIF) of the Interamerican Development Bank (IDB) has been focusing on Sustainable Tourism work since 2003. Before my work in tourism for the MIF, I had been working for many years in the design, monitoring and evaluation of conformity assessment initiatives, primarily under ISO.  Since 2003 I have led the MIF/IDB [...]

10 07, 2011

GSTC Board Candidate: Dr. Murray Simpson

2011-07-10T17:06:09+08:00julio 10th, 2011|

It was great to be a part of the GSTC Annual Meeting in Barcelona a couple of weeks ago and see the excellent progress that has been made by Erika, the GSTC team and all the members, and I’m excited by the dynamic nature of the organisation. Some outstanding people were there, really good discussions [...]

10 07, 2011

GSTC Board Candidate: Steve Noakes

2011-07-10T00:50:25+08:00julio 10th, 2011|

We still have a long way to go in the Asia Pacific region in relation to the understanding and take-up of sustainable approaches for the tourism industry. In many languages, there is no direct translation for the well-intentioned western word 'sustainable'. For the vast majority of Asia's massive populations, the idea of a tourism experience is just [...]

10 07, 2011

GSTC Board Candidate: Shannon Stowell

2011-07-10T00:50:02+08:00julio 10th, 2011|

Adventure Travel Saves the World Anything or anyone claiming to save the world is appropriately met with eye-rolling and sighing- we've been there and done that.  We are the cynical people who have been sold a bill of goods our whole lives by Wall Street and Madison Avenue. With the recent forced-opening of kimonos, it [...]

10 07, 2011

GSTC Board Candidate: Judy Kepher-Gona

2011-07-10T00:49:16+08:00julio 10th, 2011|

I got engaged with the concept of sustainable tourism in the late 1990s. A decade of activity that has seen emergence of hundreds of certification schemes. The more I reflect on the concept I am convinced that the guidelines for sustainable tourism should be general enough to be scalable and replicable, but specific enough to address a need. [...]

8 07, 2011

Success! The GSTC Annual Membership Meeting Recap

2011-07-08T19:52:41+08:00julio 8th, 2011|

Hola! A warm thank you to everyone who was able to attend the 2nd Annual GSTC Membership Council meeting in Barcelona, Spain last week. We had an amazing turn out (close to 200 people registered for the event!). The most exciting part…we had 60 members join us! The week began with a two-day meeting of [...]

8 07, 2011

Looking for a few green entrepreneurs

2011-07-08T00:17:54+08:00julio 8th, 2011|

Content Provided by Leilani Latimer - Sabre Holdings, GSTC Board Member and Chair of the Market Access Working Group As chair of the Market Access working group at the GSTC and head of sustainability for Sabre Holdings, I know that our members are looking for tools that allow businesses to innovate, increase customer loyalty and compete [...]