We still have a long way to go in the Asia Pacific region in relation to the understanding and take-up of sustainable approaches for the tourism industry. In many languages, there is no direct translation for the well-intentioned western word ‘sustainable’. For the vast majority of Asia’s massive populations, the idea of a tourism experience is just not relevant given their level of livelihood depravation. Having said that, there are also millions of people within Asia Pacific who do have the capacity and interest for quality tourism experiences and there are numerous examples of world class tourism infrastructure, experiences and service delivery.
For many years, I have had a great interest & engagement in the processes which have now led to the establishment of the GSTC.  My professional/business/academic activities keep me moving around and engaging with industry, government and NGO throughout the region. I remain very happy to promote and represent the GSTC as a Board member as I have done over the past year or so in countries such as Bhutan, Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand, Vietnam, Lao PDR, China, acrooss the South Pacific Islands and addressing conference and forums with UNWTO, International Labour Organisation, PATA, ASEAN, Resort Developers, Ecotourism operators, Academic Conferences and others. So, as a voting GSTC member, if you think it useful to have an active ‘Asia Pacific’ perspective & input to the Board, I remain committed to the GSTC objectives and would welcome your vote.