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Emi Kaiwa
Membership Coordinator

Sustainable Tourism Training

Ayako Ezaki
Training Director

Media Relations

Roi Ariel
General Manager


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Destinations Mediterranean

Dr. Ioannis Pappas
Program Director – Mediterranean Region

Destinations Asia-Pacific


Dr. Mihee Kang
Program Director – Asia-Pacific Region

Destinations South Asia

CB (Ram) Ramkumar
Program Director – South Asia

Accreditation for CBs & Recognition of Standards

Claudia Bustinza
Operations Manager

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Randy Durband 100

Randy Durband

Board of Directors


Luigi Cabrini
Chair of the Board of Directors

Where to find us

GSTC is a “virtual” organization, and truly global. We do NOT have a main office. Our staff, Country Representatives, Board members, Working Group and Committee members, and volunteers work from various locations around the world.

Therefore we prefer information sent to us digitally.

If you must post/mail printed material to us, PLEASE NOTE: we use a digital service to scan materials which cannot accept magazines or other bound material; and you must provide the address precisely as indicated below:

P.O. Box 96503 #51887
Washington, DC 20090-6503 USA

To repeat, please email us if possible, and only send printed material if necessary.