GSTC Organization Membership


Lead. Connect. Learn.

Being an Organization Member of the GSTC gives you the ability to be involved in key decision-making processes, gain quality networking opportunities and have access to educational resources.

Lead: be involved in key decision-making processes

By becoming a member, you are not only supporting the GSTC’s important work of increasing awareness of sustainable tourism, but also participating in and contributing to the efforts to advance sustainability in various sectors of the global travel and tourism industry.

Opportunities to Make an Impact:

  • Help shape the board: All current members have the right to vote for Members of the GSTC Board of Directors in annual elections.
  • Have a say: All current members have the opportunity to participate in any official organization-wide vote on organizational structure or on sustainable tourism policy positions.
  • Get involved: Members have the opportunity to apply to join a GSTC Working Group and to be involved in key decision making processes that will shape the work of the GSTC programs.
  • Share your views: As an active member, you are invited and encouraged to voice your opinions on important sustainability policies and practices and on key issues that should be prioritized in GSTC’s activities.

Connect: gain quality networking & marketing opportunities

As a member of the GSTC’s global network of sustainable tourism professionals and stakeholders, you have the opportunity to actively network and connect with fellow members from around the world, and gain relevant exposure for your commitment to sustainability.

Networking Opportunities:

  • Invitations to participate in GSTC council meetings and events that bring GSTC members and industry stakeholders together to meet and exchange ideas. GSTC Destination and Organization members receive priority in our event partner and presenter search process.
  • Opportunity to attend all international and regional GSTC events at a reduced member registration rate.
  • Be part of a GSTC webinar on sustainable tourism as a partner or presenter.

Marketing Opportunities:

  • Use GSTC Member logo on your organization’s website and relevant promotional materials according to the Member Logo Terms of Use.
  • Gain visibility through member listing in the GSTC member directory, with your organization’s logo, description and link to your website.
  • Submit relevant materials for media awareness and marketing, to be considered for inclusion in the GSTC newsletter and social media communications, according to the Member News Submission Guidelines (available in the Member-only area).

Learn: access GSTC programs & educational resources

We encourage you to take advantage of the various education and training opportunities available through the GSTC, and to continue seeking knowledge and tools to improve your sustainable tourism practices.

Education and Training Opportunities:

  • Opportunity to attend GSTC member-only webinars. Invitations to these webinars are extended to all staff members of your organization.
  • Opportunity to participate in GSTC Sustainable Tourism Training Program classes and workshops, as well as online sustainable tourism training program, at a reduced member registration rate. The member discounts are available to all staff members of your organization.
  • Access to educational materials on topics and issues related to sustainable tourism development, business sustainability practices, and certification and standards.

Notice to owners of Sustainable Tourism Standards and Certification Bodies:

Certification Bodies must maintain GSTC Organization Memberships in order to apply for and maintain accreditation to certify against the GSTC Criteria or their GSTC-Recognized standards.

Also, owners of standards that seek GSTC-Recognition, whether or not they seek accreditation, must maintain Organization Membership.

Contact us at if you have questions about the GSTC membership.