GSTC for Corporate and Business Travel

Business travel is a segment within the tourism industry focusing on visitors who travel for business and professional purposes. According to the World Travel and Tourism Council (WTTC), the share of GDP generated by the business travel market reached 0.7 percent in 2019. In that year, the business tourism spending worldwide – which has more than doubled since 2000 – peaked at roughly 1.28 trillion U.S. dollars. Business travel is an important factor in national and international business. However, it also has a negative effect on our environment. Sustainable business travel is concerned with managing the costs, social impacts and environmental consequences generated by the use of different modes of business travel.

Using the GSTC Criteria as a reference point allows corporates and organizations to improve their commercial performance and enhance their reputation by adopting sustainable working policies and practices.

Make use of the GSTC Criteria

The GSTC Criteria serve as the global standards for sustainability in travel and tourism. The Criteria are used for education and awareness-raising, policy-making for businesses and government agencies and other organization types, measurement and evaluation, and as a basis for certification. They are the result of a worldwide effort to develop a common language about sustainability in tourism. They are arranged in four pillars: (1) Sustainable management; (2) Socio-economic impacts; (3) Cultural impacts; (4) Environmental impacts. Since tourism destinations each have their own culture, environment, customs, and laws, the Criteria are designed to be adapted to local conditions and supplemented by additional criteria for the specific location and activity.

GSTC Criteria

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Every setback is an invitation to rethink, evolve and come back better to a sustainable economic viability. The GSTC training program teaches the breadth of sustainable business travel components and offers practical insights and effective steps to help you improve your sustainability practices. GSTC Sustainable Business Travel courses use the four pillars of sustainable management to look at how to create a new model for business travel that harnesses the real value of a pro-active and successful business travel program, respects the new needs of travel and creates a responsible, sustainable company. In other words, a balanced approach to sustainable business travel.

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Certification of Businesses

Increasingly, both leisure and business travelers are seeking confirmation that sustainability practices are in place. Also increasingly, travel companies are looking for a product that is not only certified sustainable, but certified sustainable by a certification program that is GSTC Accredited.

For example, AMEX GBT will highlight hotels and other accommodation partners as “sustainable” that meet GSTC’s standards or, even better, are certified by a GSTC-Accredited Certification Body. is currently highlighting hotels certified by GSTC-Accredited CBs along with other standards that are Recognized by GSTC. Hilton continues to identify opportunities to achieve GSTC certification for our hotels to ensure the sustainability of our operations. TUI Group encourages their hotels to become certified to GSTC-Recognized Standards, with a mandatory clause in contracts with their accommodation suppliers requiring them to work towards certification to GSTC-Recognized Standards.

Certification by an Accredited Certification Body (CB) provides business hotels and corporate travel companies a credible solution to complex environmental and social issues, while informing your stakeholders — from customers to ownership and to your supply chain — that the business is operated with sound management that looks to the future and not merely at today.

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Join GSTC as a member organization to stay informed of key developments, and to learn from others in our network. As a corporate or an organization that is involved in business travel, being a GSTC member means actively participating in our global community who represent a wide range of tourism stakeholders – leading international tour operators, government organizations, multinational corporations, and international hospitality brands.

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