Certificate in Sustainable Tourism

One of the key benefits of participating in a GSTC training class is the opportunity to take the official GSTC Sustainable Tourism Training Program (STTP) Exam, and upon successful completion, receive a Certificate in Sustainable Tourism by the GSTC to demonstrate your knowledge of sustainable tourism standards and practices.


WHAT is the GSTC Certificate in Sustainable Tourism?

The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) Certificate in Sustainable Tourism is offered through the GSTC's Sustainable Tourism Training Program (STTP) to those who successfully complete both (a) the training requirements of the STTP and (b) the STTP Exam. The Certificate, signed by the GSTC Chair and CEO, recognizes that the recipient has demonstrated their knowledge of the GSTC Criteria and their ability to apply sustainable tourism best practices.

 Certificate in Sustainable Tourism 2017 SAMPLE        Certificate Letter 2017 SAMPLE 


HOW to earn the Certificate

Complete a Training Class

There are two options for you to complete the training requirement towards earning the GSTC Certificate in Sustainable Tourism:

  1. Onsite 3-day training classes: Face-to-face training classes offered throughout the year in various locations around the world.
  2. Online 4-week training classes: Online scheduled training classes led by GSTC trainers, available at least 4 times a year.

*See all upcoming training classes of the STTP here.

Take the STTP Exam

Once you complete one of the above training options and receive a Certificate of Completion, you have the opportunity to take the STTP Exam, which is offered in an online and open-book format and available for one month following the date of training class completion.

The STTP Exam is designed to evaluate the training participant's awareness and knowledge of the content covered by the STTP, and relevant examples and approaches to implementing sustainable tourism policies and practices within tourism industry businesses and destinations.

Those who achieve a 75% pass mark on the STTP Exam will receive a GSTC Certificate in Sustainable Tourism.


WHY the GSTC Certificate in Sustainable Tourism?

Global Authority on Sustainable Tourism

The GSTC is a UN-endorsed independent organization playing a critical role as the leading global authority in providing guidance for the development and management of sustainability practices in travel and tourism. Based on the GSTC's extensive knowledge base, the STTP offers both global and regional perspectives relevant to tourism industry stakeholders at various stages of sustainability adoption and development.

Sustainable Tourism Best Practices: From Words to Actions

The STTP offers practical insights and expert guidance to assist tourism destinations and businesses implement effective steps and achieve tangible performance goals. The STTP uses the GSTC Criteria, the global baseline standards for sustainability in travel and tourism, as the training curriculum framework, and incorporates best practice presentations, business and destination case studies, and in-depth advice and consultation on how to implement sustainability practices for businesses and destinations.

Demonstrate Your Sustainable Tourism Knowledge

By participating in the GSTC Sustainable Tourism Training, you will

  • Gain an in-depth understanding of sustainable tourism standards and the roles of accreditation and certification bodies in the global tourism industry.
  • Be able to make informed decisions on how to implement sustainability practices for your company or destination, utilizing quality sustainable tourism standards as guiding principles.
  • Learn how to build and implement viable and actionable sustainable tourism plans for your organization, including effective strategies for sustainability management, partnerships, engagement and marketing.

Earning a Certificate in Sustainable Tourism is a step to demonstrate your knowledge and expertise in a concrete and tangible way, supporting your work and professional development in the sustainable tourism field.


Questions? Need Help?

See our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information on the STTP and the GSTC Certificate in Sustainable Tourism, or contact us at training [at] gstcouncil.org

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Anyone from individuals to larger organizations can help increase the reach, awareness and recognition of sustainable tourism practices.  
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