25 01, 2018

Sweden’s Region Västerbotten Joins GSTC

2018-01-25T17:03:31+08:00January 25th, 2018|

January 2018 - Region Västerbotten, Northern Sweden, has joined the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) as a destination member. Region Västerbotten is responsible for regional development and growth in Västerbotten County, Northern Sweden. Västerbotten County and the county’s 15 municipalities own Region Västerbotten, a politically headed organization. With sustainability at the core of Västerbotten’s development, [...]

4 12, 2017

The Chelenko Destination prepares to offer more sustainable tourism

2018-08-03T14:57:00+08:00December 4th, 2017|

Ms. Natalia Naranjo, GSTC Trainer and Destination Assessor In a special agreement between GSTC and Sernatur Aysen, Chile, which hosted the GSTC2017 Aysen in September, the Chelenko Destination began a new process to start their path to the sustainability. For 2 weeks during November 2017, the Chelenko Destination went through a destination assessment and training [...]

29 09, 2017

GSTC Destination Assessment of Lago Llanquihue, Chile

2018-01-29T15:39:09+08:00September 29th, 2017|

September 2017 - GSTC conducted a Destination Assessment of Lago Llanquihue, Chile - comprising the four municipalities of Puerto Varas, Fruitillar, Llanquihue, and Puerto Octay, on the banks of Lake Llanquihue in Northern Patagonia. This assessment served as a follow-up to the earlier GSTC assessment of Lago Llanquihue as part of GSTC's Early Adopter Program [...]

6 01, 2016

Cayman Islands completes destination sustainability assessment

2018-08-24T15:59:02+08:00January 6th, 2016|

The Cayman Islands, the GSTC's latest destination member, recently underwent a GSTC comprehensive assessment of its sustainability as part of the GSTC's Destinations Program.  Procurement and organization of the assessment for the Cayman Islands was spearheaded by the Cayman Islands Department of Tourism (CIDOT) and Cayman Department of Environment. The GSTC's Destinations Program Director Kathleen [...]

30 01, 2015

Strengthening Biodiversity through Sustainable Tourism Certification

2017-06-26T08:26:31+08:00January 30th, 2015|

The GSTC Criteria serve as basic guidelines for businesses, organizations and destinations that wish to address sustainability issues in the travel and tourism industry. It is composed of a set of standards and provides assurance that the main principles of responsible tourism are being covered. In reality, the GSTC criteria represents a commitment to the [...]

14 12, 2014

Integrating sustainability practices into business models and government structures

2017-07-29T10:52:44+08:00December 14th, 2014|

The tourism industry has the potential to be a good and powerful force on our planet. When responsibly managed, it enriches lives, and preserves natural resources and cultural heritage. More frequently these days, travelers take this into account and seek authentic holiday experiences, to choose a responsible tour operator, book a hotel with a sustainability [...]

28 10, 2014

GSTC CEO Randy Durband Named Special Advisor to the 2014 Top 100 Sustainable Destinations

2017-06-26T08:26:31+08:00October 28th, 2014|

 The Global Sustainable Tourism Council CEO, Randy Durband, has been named Special Advisor to the creation of the Top 100 Sustainable Destination annual list. The initiative was created by GSTC member Albert Salman (Green Destinations) and Valere Tjolle (TravelMole, VISION for Sustainable Tourism, Totem Tourism).  The Top 100 Sustainable Destinations list aims to encourage stakeholders [...]

10 09, 2014

Early Adopter Destination St. Kitts and Nevis, Revisited

2017-07-29T10:53:10+08:00September 10th, 2014|

St. Kitts and Nevis, located in the northern Leeward Islands in the West Indies, was one of the first destinations in the world to be selected as a GSTC Early Adopter, and the first in the Caribbean. St. Kitts still retains “hidden gem” status, not being a mass-market Caribbean destination. However, development on St. Kitts [...]

10 08, 2014

Early Adopter Destination Sierra Gorda, Revisited

2017-06-26T08:25:03+08:00August 10th, 2014|

Flyer for Sierra Gorda’s Carbon Offset Program The GSTC Early Adopter destination Sierra Gorda is a biosphere reserve covering one-third of the state of Querétaro, in north-central México. The Sierra Gorda Reserve is of the most biodiversity-rich protected areas in México, and is a member of UNESCO’s Man and Biosphere program. Sierra Gorda [...]

24 07, 2014

GSTC Early Adopters, Revisited

2017-06-26T08:25:03+08:00July 24th, 2014|

Photo Credit: Grupo Ecológico Sierra Gorda The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) conducted its Early Adopter program from 2012 through early    2014. During the program, a diverse group of fourteen forward-thinking destinations worldwide pilot tested the  Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria for Destinations. Each Early Adopter underwent a baseline destination sustainability assessment applying [...]

24 07, 2014

St. Croix Completes “Early Adopter” Assessment of Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria for Destinations

2017-06-26T08:25:03+08:00July 24th, 2014|

 Tourism has been a crucial economic driver on St. Croix for many years and the island has been careful to avoid over-  development that might detract from its varied natural and cultural assets. As part of the island’s strategic plan to increase  visitation, St Croix has been exploring ways to differentiate from its competitors by [...]

24 07, 2014

Riviera Maya Completes “Early Adopter” Assessment of Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria for Destinations

2017-06-26T08:25:03+08:00July 24th, 2014|

Mexican coastline destination adopts criteria and indicators for sustainable tourism  WASHINGTON, D.C. (July 1st, 2014) – One of Mexico’s iconic tourism destinations, the Riviera Maya in the State of Quintana  Roo, has become the first destination on the Mexican Caribbean coast to complete the Global Sustainable Tourism Council’s  (GSTC) Early Adopter Program. “At the GSTC [...]

28 03, 2014

Samoa Completes “Early Adopter” Assessment Applying Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria for Destinations

2017-06-26T08:25:03+08:00March 28th, 2014|

First destination in the South Pacific Region to adopt criteria and indicators for sustainable tourism  WASHINGTON, D.C. (March, 2014) – Samoa is the first South Pacific destination to complete the Global  Sustainable Tourism Council’s (GSTC) Early Adopter Program and the second destination in the world to  do so at the national level. Since the late [...]

5 12, 2013

Early-Adopter Spotlight: Lake Llanquihue in Chile Completes “Early Adopter” Assessment of Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria for Destinations

2017-06-26T08:29:29+08:00December 5th, 2013|

 The Chilean destination of Lake Llanquihue has completed the Global Sustainable  Tourism Council’s (GSTC) Early Adopters pilot program to test its new Criteria and  Indicators for Destinations.  The destination joins the Cusco-Sacred Valley-Machu  Picchu corridor in Peru as the first South American destinations to participate in and  complete the GSTC Early Adoptersprogram. The Early Adopters program is [...]

16 11, 2013

Early-Adopter Spotlight: Cusco Region of Peru Completes “Early Adopter” Assessment of Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria for Destinations

2017-06-26T08:25:04+08:00November 16th, 2013|

 The Destination Cusco-Sacred Valley-Machu Picchu Peru,, known locally as the Cusco region and  globally for the Historic Sanctuary of Machu Picchu and Cusco World Heritage Sites, has completed  the Global Sustainable Tourism Council’s (GSTC) Early  Adopters pilot program to test its new Criteria  and Indicators for Destinations. The Cusco region is one of Peru’s most visited [...]

24 10, 2013

Early-Adopter Spotlight: South Sardinia Completes “Early Adopter” Assessment of Global Sustainable Tourism Criteria for Destinations

2017-07-29T10:53:18+08:00October 24th, 2013|

 First Mediterranean destination adopts baseline criteria and indicators for sustainable tourism WASHINGTON, D.C. (October 24, 2013) – South Sardinia is the first Mediterranean destination to complete the  Global Sustainable Tourism Council’s (GSTC) Early Adopters Program to test its new Criteria and Indicators for  Destinations.  The assessment was one of the first initiatives of Visit South [...]

30 11, 2012

Instituto de Turismo Responsable Attains First Global Approved Standard from Global Sustainable Tourism Council for Responsible Tourism System

2017-06-26T08:25:04+08:00November 30th, 2012|

WASHINGTON, D.C. (November 13, 2012) – The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) recently announced that Instituto de Turismo Responsable (ITR) has become the organization’s first internationally ‘approved’ certification program. The earned status verifies that ITR’s procedures and processes comply with all the GSTC parameters of reliability, impartiality and correct technical and human performance. Earlier this [...]

30 07, 2012

Early-Adopter Spotlight: Botswana’s Okavango Delta Ramsar Site

2017-06-26T08:25:04+08:00July 30th, 2012|

As far as African safaris go, there are a few destinations that rise above the rest, famous for their abundant wildlife and magical settings. The Okavango Delta is one of those destinations. An oasis within the Kalahari Desert, the Okavango attracts lion, elephant, buffalo, magnificent bird species, and a dazzling array of other [...]

24 07, 2012

Royal Caribbean Gives St. Kitts & Nevis a Boost

2017-06-26T08:25:05+08:00July 24th, 2012|

Royal Caribbean Cruises, a leader in environmental sustainability among the cruise industry, has also been a longtime supporter of the GSTC’s work. Recognized as a GSTC Patron, Royal Caribbean is today helping sponsor implementation of the new Criteria for Destinations in a cruise ship port of call: St. Kitts & Nevis. Why help [...]

16 07, 2012

Early-Adopter Spotlight: St. Kitts & Nevis

2018-04-18T15:51:04+08:00July 16th, 2012|

  St. Kitts, with Nevis in the background In a veritable sea of white-sand beaches and turquoise waters, St. Kitts & Nevis stand out from the Caribbean crowd: Their big draw for travelers is a rich cultural history. People come to see the capital’s Georgian architecture; to explore Brimstone Hill Fortress, a UNESCO [...]

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