Public Consultations

Public consultation for GSTC is essential for developing or updating the GSTC Accreditation Policy and Certification Requirements. Alongside the International Standards Committee‘s role in reviewing standards, documents, and policies,  consultation engages individuals, groups, and other interested stakeholders. The goal is to collect input and feedback from a diverse array of participants, ensuring transparency in GSTC’s processes and highlighting the importance of collaboration. By considering the needs and expectations of all stakeholders, this approach enables better-informed decisions and more favorable outcomes.

Process of Public Consultation on GSTC Accreditation Policy and Certification Requirements

At GSTC, we are committed to adhering to ISEAL’s Standard-Setting Code of Good Practice Version 6.0 (2014) for public consultation. We place great importance on stakeholder involvement in the revision process of our Manual and prioritize transparency throughout.

To ensure sufficient time for input, we conduct public consultations on revisions for at least 60 days. For major changes, we extend the consultation period to engage a diverse and inclusive range of stakeholders.

Ongoing Consultations

DocumentOpen DateDeadline for Submissions
GSTC Accreditation Manual for Destination Certification Bodies v.2.0 (Draft).May 20th, 2024August 28th, 2024

Past Consultations

DocumentDurationPublic Consultation ReportInformative Session
Tour Operator On-Site Audit Guidance (Section 13 and 14 of Accreditation Manual v.2.4)Closed on October 30th, 2019
Provisional Agenda for CB Meeting in Azores for GSTC2019 Conference Agenda document: GSTC-CBs Meeting, Dec 4th AzoresFrom October 7th to November 4th, 2019
Survey of CB’s Current Audit Frequency & Duration practicesFrom January 28th to March 27th, 2020
GSTC Accreditation Manual for Industry (Accommodation/Hotel & Tour Operator) v.2.5From August 21st to October 31st, 2020Informative Session Record and Presentation
GSTC Accreditation Manual for Industry (Accommodation/Hotel & Tour Operator) v.3.0From February 10th to April 10th, 2023Informative Session Record and Presentation
Creation of an Interpretation Document
for specific requirements of the GSTC Industry Criteria
From June 26th to August 26th, 2023
GSTC Accreditation Manual for Industry (Accommodation/Hotel & Tour Operator) v.4.0From December 29th, 2023 to April 6th, 2024

In addition to ongoing public consultations on the GSTC Accreditation policies, GSTC welcomes stakeholder suggestions and feedback at any time. Please contact us at