ECOTRANS celebrates 25 years of sustainable development collaboration at ITB2018

Over 100 experts attended the 25th year of the Ecotrans European Network for Sustainable Tourism Development event “The SDGs2030: Fairytale or fairy tale ending?” at ITB on 8th March 2018.

The presentation addressed the issue of how to ensure that the SDGs are not a fairy tale fantasy that will never happen, but instead will have a fairytale ending with ‘no one left behind’. It was led by Gordon Sillence, Ecotrans.

The Tourism 2030 Portal was also launched at the event. It is an independent website which brings together the global community of people and organizations working in sustainable tourism. Among other issues, it informs about certifications, standards and awards in sustainable tourism to help businesses and travelers to learn about and compare them. Herbert Hamele, Ecotrans President, introduced Portal sustainability tools such as the Travel Green Mapping Service, a Certification Quickfinder and the Tourism Sustainability Best Practice Browser.

Then, a roundtable titled “Countdown Clock: milestones to meet the 2030 targets” was moderated by Marion Hammerl, GNF, with GSTC CEO, Randy Durband, as one of the roundtable correspondents.

Ecotrans has been a long-time GSTC member.

The video of the event, including the roundtable, is available here:


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