The GSTC Destination Criteria are now under revision.

Earlier this year we held a public consultation asking for comments on the existing criteria and inviting recommendations for improvements and additions. We are most grateful to everyone for their contribution.

Based on the consultation we have proposed revised GSTC-D criteria, accessible here.

From mid-June, we are holding a second-round consultation, inviting comments on the above revised criteria. We would welcome your participation, through completing the online survey. The deadline for completion of the survey is August 15th, 2019.


We recommend that all consultees look through the proposed revised criteria in their entirety before responding to the survey.

We also draw to your attention to the following two background documents:

Inputs to this second-round survey will inform amendments to the draft, resulting in a final revised set of criteria to be put to the GSTC Board in December 2019.

We encourage you to share this invitation with anyone who is involved directly and indirectly with tourism.

According to the GSTC-D Revision Term of Reference, the revision schedule is as follow:

  • Start December 2018: Announcement through publication of these Terms of Reference
  • Early December 2018 – early March 2019: First round consultation
  • Early March 2019 – end May 2019: Resolution/publish response to comments
  • Start June 2019 – end July 2019: Second round consultation
  • Start August 2019 – end November 2019: Final revision

To participate in other future Criteria revisions and development, and to provide feedback on current Criteria, please sign up here.

The GSTC-Industry Criteria were revised in December 2016 and will be due for the next review of the need for revision sometime from late 2020.

How the GSTC creates and revises Criteria:

The process is intended to comply with the ISEAL Alliance standard-setting code, the key aspects of the process are:

  1. Resourced by the GSTC Secretariat, guided by the International Standards Working Group (GSTC-ISWG) and informed by relevant GSTC Working Groups.
  2. Two rounds of consultation, an initial call for input, then a second round to commenting on draft criteria.
  3. The GSTC-ISWG considers comments before adopting criteria, based on consensus across the balance of interested parties.
  4. The revisions are formally adopted by the GSTC Board of Directors, then publicly released.

Impact of Revisions on GSTC-Recognized Standards and Certification Bodies

Per the terms of the Recognition as stated in the Manuals for Recognitions the marks, following the revision of GSTC Criteria, holders of GSTC-Recognized Standards have two years from the dates of release of the revisions to make any necessary revisions to their standards in order to remain compliant with the GSTC mark. Questions may be addressed to

More Information:

GSTC-Industry Terms of Reference – relating to the 2016 revision of the Industry Criteria

GSTC Standard Setting System Report