19 09, 2019

The Global Sustainable Tourism Council and Planet Happiness Sign MOU

2019-09-20T19:25:03+08:00September 19th, 2019|

Planet Happiness and the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) have signed a partnership agreement focused on strengthening sustainability standards in tourism and impact reporting in tourism destinations. They will work together to promote mutual understanding of each other’s work among their members and partners.  They will also engage on a range of topics related to [...]

13 09, 2019

Adventure Green Alaska is Now a GSTC-Recognized Standard

2019-09-13T20:30:42+08:00September 13th, 2019|

Adventure Green Alaska is Now a GSTC-Recognized Standard The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) is pleased to announce that the Adventure Green Alaska Standards for Accommodations and for Tour-Operators have achieved the ‘GSTC-Recognized Standard’ status.  Adventure Green Alaska began in 2007 as a statewide effort to grow sustainable tourism in Alaska and promote model businesses [...]

20 08, 2019

GSTC Chair, Luigi Cabrini, Honored for His Profound Contribution to Economy, Society, and Environment

2019-08-30T05:22:19+08:00August 20th, 2019|

Mr. Luigi Cabrini, Chairman of the Board of Directors of the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) was given an Honorary Fellowship for his "profound contributions to the environment, economy, and society." On July 29th, the Social Enterprise Research Academy (SERA) hosted the ‘Fellowship & Honorary Award Presentation Ceremony 2019’ at Hong Kong Baptist University. [...]

19 08, 2019

GSTC Announces the Results of its 2019 Board of Directors Election

2019-08-31T04:21:49+08:00August 19th, 2019|

The GSTC Board of Directors plays an integral role in the leadership of the organization. Most seats on the board are filled via annual elections of and by current members of the Council. The GSTC Election Committee has validated the votes and has released the results. Three current board members were re-elected to 3-year [...]

10 08, 2019

Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) Awards Hotels through the National Sustainable Tourism Certification (NSTC)

2019-08-29T20:29:08+08:00August 10th, 2019|

Sri Lanka Tourism Development Authority (SLTDA) initiated the National Sustainable Tourism Certification (NSTC) as the first step towards making Sri Lanka's tourism industry sustainable with the technical and financial assistance from UNDP Biodiversity Finance Initiative (BIOFIN). As part of the process, hotels were awarded for their sustainable practices on 5th August 2019 at Ape Game, [...]

1 08, 2019

GSTC Board Member Dr. Ioannis Pappas at Moscow Urban Forum 2019

2019-08-31T00:25:35+08:00August 1st, 2019|

Dr. Ioannis Pappas, GSTC Board Member & Director for the Mediterranean Region, spoke at the Moscow Urban Forum 2019 in July. Dr. Pappas shared important developments in the travel industry's shift to adhere to sustainability standards in the session "Attraction point. Tourism as a resource for the internal development of the city". Moscow Urban [...]

5 07, 2019

GSTC in Taiwan: Global Sustainable Tourism Practical Workshop in Sun Moon Lake

2019-07-31T13:54:05+08:00July 5th, 2019|

On June 18-19, GSTC Member Taiwan Tourism Bureau (Sun Moon Lake National Scenic Area Administration Taiwan) and GSTC Member Sustainable Travel Taiwan (STT) hosted the first “Global Sustainable Tourism Practical Workshop” in Sun Moon Lake, Taiwan. The aim of the Workshop was to help DMOs, tour operators and hotels of the area to learn how [...]

1 07, 2019

Sustainable Sedona Tourism

2019-07-30T12:26:33+08:00July 1st, 2019|

Jennifer Wesselhoff, President and CEO of the Sedona Chamber of Commerce, speaks about Sedona, Arizona's new sustainable tourism plan following their 2016 GSTC Destination Assessment. Sedona is applying the GSTC Criteria for Destinations, applying key tactics to keep their resident and visitor experience top-notch while the population *doubles* daily from tourism--a $1B business for Sedona. [...]

30 06, 2019

Sustainable Hospitality: Eco-Friendly Industry Trends and Tips for Hotels by Trivago

2019-07-30T11:05:11+08:00June 30th, 2019|

What does it take to be recognized as an eco-friendly property? [...] the Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC), the body that manages the global standards for sustainable travel and tourism, created The GSTC Industry Criteria and Suggested Indicators for Hotels in an effort to “come to a common understanding of sustainable tourism.” The idea is to [...]

27 06, 2019

Vireo Srl is now GSTC-Accredited for Certifying Destinations

2019-06-29T20:34:12+08:00June 27th, 2019|

The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) is pleased to announce that Vireo Srl has achieved the ‘GSTC-Accredited’ status for certifying destinations.  Achieving the GSTC-Accredited status for certifying destinations means that a certification program is following processes and procedures that have been reviewed and approved by the GSTC Accreditation Panel in order to provide an [...]

25 06, 2019

GSTC in “Tools for Sustainable Tourism” by the Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth

2019-06-28T12:26:57+08:00June 25th, 2019|

The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth identifies the GSTC Criteria as the key Tool for Sustainable Tourism The Swedish Agency for Economic and Regional Growth has published a report under the title "Tools for Sustainable Tourism” (Verktyg för hållbar turism), referring to the GSTC Criteria and GSTC-Recognized Standards. A short summary in English [...]

20 06, 2019

9.2 million TUI customers stayed in hotels certified to a GSTC-Recognized standard (81% of TUI’s Hotels)

2019-07-03T17:40:09+08:00June 20th, 2019|

TUI 2018 Sustainability Report: 9.2 million customers stayed in sustainable hotels certified to a GSTC-Recognized standard (81% of the hotels owned by TUI Group) TUI Group has just released its 2018 Sustainability Report with the progress on their goal to increase the number of hotels with sustainability certifications to accommodate 10 million customers a year [...]

16 06, 2019

GSTC Destination Criteria Revision: 2nd round of public consultation

2019-06-18T16:22:33+08:00June 16th, 2019|

We are currently revising the GSTC Destination Criteria (GSTC-D). Earlier this year we held a public consultation asking for comments on the existing criteria and inviting recommendations for improvements and additions. We are most grateful to everyone for their contribution. Based on the consultation we have proposed revised GSTC-D criteria, accessible here. From mid-June, [...]

5 06, 2019

Balancing Tourism and Sustainability across Asia

2019-06-27T13:12:08+08:00June 5th, 2019|

“Closing beaches that have been overused wouldn’t need to happen today if yesterday there had been proper planning and execution of sustainable policies, plus enforcement of existing laws relating to waste management,” says Randy Durband, GSTC CEO. “The good news is that there is positive movement. The bad news is that much needs to be [...]

31 05, 2019

CNBC Writes About the GSTC Destination Criteria

2019-07-31T11:42:32+08:00May 31st, 2019|

"In order for a destination to be certified as sustainable, the Global Sustainable Tourism Council outlines a list of criteria. It ranges from supporting local businesses, to conserving natural resources, and encouraging visitors to participate in the community." Separately, places like Jackson Hole, Wyoming and Yellowstone National Park in Montana are following a similar [...]

31 05, 2019

Arival: Are Sustainability Certifications Worth It?

2019-05-31T10:16:35+08:00May 31st, 2019|

Arival Looks into the question: "Are Sustainability Certifications Worth It?"   There is a clear business opportunity for tour operators to please travelers who care about sustainability a little—and to earn new customers from the passionate travelers who care about sustainability a lot. Certifications can help prove your company’s sustainable practices, and offer assurance to [...]

28 05, 2019

GSTC Industry Criteria – Now Available in Swedish

2019-07-04T18:17:37+08:00May 28th, 2019|

The GSTC Destination Criteria has been translated into Swedish and is available to download in the Criteria Translations section. GSTCs Destinationskriterier har översatts till svenska och finns att ladda ner i avdelningen för kriterieöversättningar.

26 05, 2019

The Mauritian Standard on Sustainable Tourism is Now a GSTC-Recognized Standard

2019-05-28T00:05:20+08:00May 26th, 2019|

The Mauritian Standard on Sustainable Tourism is Now a GSTC-Recognized Standard The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) is pleased to announce that the Mauritian Standard on Sustainable Tourism has achieved the ‘GSTC-Recognized Standard’ status. The Mauritian Standard on Sustainable Tourism (MS 165:2019) was developed to guide the sustainable development of the tourism industry in [...]

24 05, 2019

GSTC Training Program Announces New Partner, mascontour

2019-05-24T21:22:46+08:00May 24th, 2019|

GSTC Training Partner: mascontour Sustainable Tourism Consulting & Communication The Global Sustainable Tourism Council (GSTC) announces a new partnership with mascontour, a leading global sustainable tourism consultancy based in Berlin, Germany. GSTC will work with mascontour's team of expert sustainable tourism consultants to deliver training and skills development opportunities for tourism industry professionals. One [...]

22 05, 2019

Tips from Airbnb Tourism Advisory Board

2019-05-22T11:40:33+08:00May 22nd, 2019|

How to Support Healthy Tourism When You Travel: Tips from Airbnb Tourism Advisory Board Professor the Hon. Bob Carr, the former Foreign Affairs Minister for Australia and former Premier of New South Wales: "Beyond the advice of our Tourism Advisory Board, there are many other resources you can tap for learning how to be a [...]

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